10 Useful Resources for Web Developers and Designers

With various kinds of resources readily available for web designers and developers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose which one is really the best. Fortunately, you’ve landed to the right place.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 10 best fresh resources for developers and designers, including the brief description and features. Hopefully, these tools will help you along the way.

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Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow

If you find it difficult to find coding receptive sites through a code editor, then Adobe Edge Reflow might just be your best option. This tool has similarities to various web editors, but it contains special elements that allow users to build fully responsive websites in an innovative way through the use of GUI.


Picksum Ipsum


You’re site’s too cool for boring lorem ipsum, so why not choose something that really stands out? If you’re a movie fan as well as a web genius, you might like Picksum Ipsum, a cool and unique lorem ipsum text generator alternative. This text generator will provide you some famous lines from the hardest Hollywood legends like Eastwood, Caine, Carrey and Freeman. Simply pick your main man, choose the number of paragraphs, choose <P> tags, and the app will give you the best script to create a webpage.




If you frequently develop iPhone apps, WireKit may come in handy. It’s a collection of free iPhone UI in the form of Photoshop shape layers, making wireframing your next iPhone app a whole lot simpler and easier. The collection consists of 840 X 8600px of retina-friendly-made-to-measure-scalable elements presented in two styles; each with over 60 of the most commonly used UI components.




Swiper is a free and ultra-lightweight content/image slider that’s optimized for mobile websites, mobile  web apps and mobile native apps.  It is fully responsive, and supports touch interaction. It’s a lightweight library that’s only 6.5Kb, and runs fast as it doesn’t require third-party library like jQuery in order to work. Swiper is designed mostly for iOS, but also works well on Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern desktop browsers.



Metrize Icon

Metrize is a free collection of 300 metro-style icons for web designers and developers. It works perfectly on Windows 8, providing icons in PSD, SVG, AI, as well as Web Font. It’s the perfect icon set for both commercial and personal projects. You can customize it any way you like.


iOS 7 App Icons Template


Apple has recently launched iOS 7 and of its unique features is in the icons. iOS 7’s new set of icons has different rounded corners, grids, and are slightly different in size, too. This PSD template from Dribble allows you to design icons for iOS 7 precisely.


Web Colour Data


This web application allows you to easily grab colors from other websites. Simply enter the URL and hit the Get Color button, and the color scheme and Hex number of the colors will be instantly generated.




When aiming for HD screen, we need to provide two versions of the image: one for standard screen and another for the high-definition. This may seem difficult, but it wouldn’t be if you’re using the RetinizeIt tool.  RetinizeIt provides the best Photoshop actions for preparing designs for iOS or optimized retina-display sites. It allows you to slice and save your layers into retina-optimized images in a matter of seconds.




Topcoat is a recently introduced Adobe CSS Framework. It aims for top performance, and comes equipped with additional components such as UI, a set of icons, as well as a PSD to craft your design before getting into the codes.




Pure is small but highly responsive framework developed by Yahoo. It can be easily customized through the Skin Builder, and makes a good alternative to some already popular framework such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

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