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Website owners need to promote and advertise their websites in the Internet by the use of computers. In order to achieve this, website owners need the service of a “web host.”

Defining Web Hosting

A web host is a provider that publishes and connects your website in the Internet. It offers effective technical support and can give good traffic in your website. In web hosting service, there are machines that link the domain name such as “apple.com” which has an Internet protocol (IP) address that refers to a particular computer. Your website is loaded from your web host when someone wants to visit your website by entering your domain name with Internet Protocol (IP) address in the browser’s address field. A web host uses the web hosting software namely the Windows Server, Apache, or OS X Server.

Web Hosting Types and Their Costs

There are different types of web hosting with their costing such as “free hosting,” the “shared hosting,” and the “dedicated hosting.” There is no fee for the “free web hosting”, however there is a limited technical support in this type of hosting. The “shared hosting” composes of a single computer that hosts hundreds of web sites. The websites you usually see in the web are linked in the “shared host.” One can afford shared hosting at below $10 monthly. The “dedicated hosting” serves only one website. It is quite expensive and costs $100 to $200 monthly.


Web hosting not only provides accessibility to your website and having good amount of traffic but also gives opportunities for someone to make businesses online in regards to creating email accounts, designing websites, website templates, software applications, the registration of domain name, search engine optimization (SEO), and processing of credit cards.

Things You Need to Know in Looking For a Web Host

If one is looking for a web host, there are things and factors that you have to consider such as the technology of hosting, the type of hosting, the hardware, the costs, and the customer service. First, in hosting technology, the web host must be able to have good technicalities to support your website you are planning to put up. It must have the basic HTML website or the Hyper TextMarkup Languages in creating web pages. If you want to use scripting or database then the web host must have the Context Management System (CMS). Secondly, you have to consider the type of hosting you are going to use namely the free web hosting with limited technical support, the shared hosting that you usually see in the web or the dedicated hosting which caters for corporate or exclusive companies. Thirdly, the hardware of the web host must be able to support simple websites which consists of HMTL web pages or the Hyper Text Markup Languages. However, for the dynamic websites the web host must have a strong system to support this kind of website. Fourthly, you have to consider the budget for the signing up in web hosting. Consider the type of hosting you are going to choose with its different costs. The more expensive the package, the more it has a good technical support. There are also flexible payments terms available such as monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. Some offers discounts too. One may choose wisely in regards to costing. Finally, you must evaluate the customer service. The availability of communication in the quickest possible time must be considered and very important especially in the business web applications. Some web hosting offers via email and other allow a response time. You have to consider how long the response time.

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