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Meet Your Authors/Web GeeksMy name is Leslie and I’m a web designer by heart. I’ve been using iPage for a couple years now for my smaller website projects (as is appropriate for shared hosting).

My rule is once my sites start generating at least $400/month, I move them over to semi-expensive hosting on my cloud VPS at another company. Here’s why:

I consider this a “graduation” for these sites. Start good, become great. Starting with iPage hosting is a great way to save money during the first year or so of your site’s growth. You can follow my method or not, but it’s here for you if you want. was, at one time, simply a chronicle of my experience using iPage’s hosting service.

In addition, I have also performed in-depth research of the more technical aspects, which I don’t necessarily deal with day-to-day as I use iPage; but these guides may be of help to others who have more technical needs from their hosting, such as a specific PHP version requirement, or certain configurations to allow their scripts/apps to run properly.

I love writing about this stuff, so if you have any questions about iPage or building your website, please do contact me and I’ll do my best to respond in a quick fashion- usually within a day.

Thanks for visiting!I love nerds


Meet Your Authors/Web Geeks …What about me guys?
Hey, I’m Bryan and I do most of the video tutorials on

Thanks for all the comments and questions, guys. Keep ’em coming! That’s what makes these videos fun to make, and makes this site fun to run.

If you have any questions about iPage or even setting up/tweaking/beautifying your website in general, hit me up at

Thanks,I love nerds

I love nerds

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