A Chat With Noam Alloush, Owner Of SITE123.Com: Stress Free Website Building For Free!

img_2835You want to DIY starting a blog with zero coding skills?

– No problem.

Tired of dealing freelance web developers not delivering the goods?
– You’re not alone.

The solution; Stress free website builder.

But with the overwhelming number of options, choosing the best service can be a frustrating task on its own.

“Wish there’s a better way around things”

… is what you’re saying!

Well, this is one of that frustration pill you’re about to take!

Our guest for today aims to take all your stress and worries both from choosing a free platform to build your dream website, and actually able to work on it as easy as dragging and dropping, like literally.

With us is Noam Alloush from SITE123.

Let’s start.

Thank you for giving us the chance to interview you Noam.

Of course our readers are excited to know more about SITE123.


How long has SITE123 been in business? Can you tell us a little bit about your history?

SITE123 was born from the desire to make website building easier for anyone – from professional designers to the average person. There are many ways for putting a website together yet there was no place someone could go to and have it done within a few minutes.

This is when I started to develop the idea. I am in the heart of the business and responsible for the development team. I have 15 years of experience in the website builder field, creating other successful website builders in the past. This experience is what brought me to understand the real needs of the one user who wants to create a website easily and quickly. SITE123 is actually a result of this experience and also of listening to millions of clients’ requests, market demands and others for 15 years. This is also why SITE123 is such a Customer-Oriented website builder.

In recent year we’ve started creating the new platform and after doing many tests and getting feedbacks from users around the world on different markets, we have finally launched SITE123 at the beginning of 2016.

Based on your experience Noam, what do you think are the most common features that attract customers to a website builder? What are the trends now in the website building market?

Life can be very busy nowadays and people just do not have the time to learn coding or get in the hassle of working with a web designer. This can cause a lot of frustration since customers have to explain everything, keep in touch with them and ask for innumerous revisions… That is just too much. When people want a website, they want it fast. That is what attracts them to a website builder. Along with that, there are the trends of e-commerce which has been growing around 20% every year and responsive design, which enhances user experience.

A lot of website builders in the market today are at each other’s throats. They are doing everything to win over customers including giving huge discounts, gimmicks and additional features. Can you tell us what sets you apart from the rest? Or the better question would be… What makes you stand out? What is your secret weapon?

Our experience brought us to understand that giving many options and tools to the clients sometimes can be very confusing to them. Also not everyone has a designer “eye”. When we thought about creating SITE123 those 2 issues guided us through our important decisions. That is why we created the ready-made modules and styles. What we are basically saying to our customers is that we have the experience and the understanding and this is why we took the best designers and developers in this field to create everything in a way that it will be the most updated standard. This way the client does not need to build but to choose between the best options. It is that easy. With a few clicks and uploads, they have their website ready with a very professional appearance.

So you actually offer free websites? How does one take advantage of this offer? And how does this affect your sales?

We do offer 100% free websites. All the users have to do is sign up on our website and get started. They can keep their website as free for as long as they want and just upgrade to a premium plan if they have the need to access our advanced features. In the opposite direction of what one may think, this actually affects our sales in a positive way. Once the users try our website builder, they pretty much fell in love with it. When the time comes and they need to choose a premium website builder, they do not think twice.

site123_sign_upDo you mind giving us a quick rundown of SITE123’s premium plans?

Sure. We currently have four different premium plans. The Basic, Advanced, Professional and Gold. When you upgrade to any of our plans you are able to connect your own domain to your website on SITE123. In addition to that, the SITE123 advertising goes off your website. On the Basic plan, you get rid of the floating tag and with the Advanced, Professional and Gold plans you get rid of both the floating tag and the static “Powered by SITE123” that appears on the footer.

Going a little deeper, with the Basic plan, you get 10GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth. By getting the Advanced plan, you get 30GB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth plus two custom mailboxes and the space for 50 products if you have an e-commerce. With the Professional plan, you get 90GB of storage and 45GB of bandwidth along with 5 custom mailboxes and the ability to have receive 500 orders through your e-commerce. And last but not least, the Gold plan, which gives you 270GB of storage, 135GB of bandwidth; and in addition, 10 mailboxes and unlimited orders through your e-commerce.

And there are even more advantages if you upgrade. If you get the one-year, two-year or three-year plan, it comes with a free domain! Furthermore, you get about 30% off on the one-year, 40% off on the two-year and 50% off on the three-year plan. How good is that?!

On behalf of our readers, can you also tell us the target market for your website builder plans and which ones would be best suited for their business needs?

Of course. The target market for our website builder plans is basically small and medium companies or SMEs as they are usually referred to. I believe the Basic plan is for small businesses or individuals who need a website and need to get the word out. It is very affordable, yet it makes a huge difference for them. The Advanced in turn, is more for companies that are consolidated yet have a limited budget. They get all the important features such as being able to sell all their products and have a couple nice looking email addresses. And the Professional plan is good for companies that are growing fast and/or are focused on e-commerce. They usually need more mailboxes and with this plan they are able to receive up to 500 orders through their store.

SITE123 claims to be the easiest free website builder by far. How is that so? How does one create a simple website using SITE123? Can you give us a very quick walkthrough?

It is very very simple and indeed the easiest website builder by far. I have not seen anything like it out there. All the user needs to do is get on our website, register and choose their business segment. After that, they instantly start adding content to their website by simply writing or clicking and uploading. It is that easy. No dragging stuff around or wasting time with complicated page settings. Just click and edit. Click and upload.

Based on our research your sites require less design and coding experience. How does this change the whole website building process? How are the customization options?

That is correct. In fact, a user can make their website without any design or coding experience at all. If they can create a Facebook page, they can make a website on SITE123. It is very innovative in that way. The customization options are very straightforward. There is just one menu and it basically guides you through the process. By clicking on each item on the menu, they can edit the pages and tweak their design very easily.

How does the Advanced Wizard work exactly? How does it make everything easier?

It works by giving the users a quick tour of its features. Then the users can go on by themselves and edit each part of their website. The first item is the homepage. They click on it and see all the background and title options. Then, there is the Pages button. By clicking on it, they see all the pages on their website and can add or remove them instantly. To customize each of them, they just click on Edit and then add pictures and text to them. After that is done, they can simply go forward to refine their layout on the Design tab. And then they just edit the Settings such as languages and terms.

modules_and_layoutsSuppose a newbie entrepreneur wants to create his own website, is it possible for him to create the site without any outside help? Also, how far would you go on assisting a customer? Which one of your paid plans would work best in this scenario?

Yes! He can create his own website by himself. Like I said, it feels pretty much like creating a social media page. All he would need to do is sign up and then choose from the ready-made modules and styles. After that, he would just have to upload his content and tweak his website. We have many short tutorial videos on YouTube that can make the process a lot easier for him. If he needs any help or have any questions, we are right there on the chat to give him a hand. We will do everything to make sure he understands everything and we will go as far as helping him on each part of his website. As for the plans, in this scenario, the best option is the one-year Advanced plan. He will get a free domain and two custom mailboxes, which make the business look very professional.

Hackers are now a great threat to websites. How do you handle security issues? How secure is SITE123?

We have never had any security issues! That pretty much speaks for itself. I have heard about hackers getting into users’ websites on other platforms. It has never happened on SITE123. All the websites built with us are stored very securely on Amazon, which I believe is the largest provider in this sense. Their storage is very secure and our system is so smooth that we have no security breaches.

SITE123’s reviews have been great and most customers are clearly satisfied with the services you offer. How do you keep your customers happy? What’s the secret to customer satisfaction?

We have customers coming in and thanking us for our services. We keep them happy by interacting with them along the way in a very friendly and positive manner. I believe the secret is the product itself, which provides great user experience, as well as our awesome customer and support services!

Lastly, any additional plans or features that you are planning to add in the future? Just so our readers know what to expect.

Our development team works on a lot of improvements every day. There are great new features being developed and they will be worth the wait. Your readers will be amazed by them.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions Noam. We wish you great luck in your future endeavors.

Any suggestions and comments? Post them in the comment section below.

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    Farid Farhumand August 13, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Hi, I have been setting up a webiste with Site123. The first steps are easy, but I am pretty frustrated with the limited features and the arrogant support team. I am kind of stuck with them now because I just paid the professional plan for one year. I googled the owner of just to see if it’s the 18 year old nerd that I expected. I found this article. I shocked to see that the company is more than two years old and still is lacking basic e-commerce features such as hide products in the store. I have products that are rotating on a weekly basis. as there is no hide option I need to delete the products every week and upload them again when I need them. That mean uploading all fotos and pasting the texts in THREE languages. I told this to the so called support team and they just say that they will pass it on to the developers. I would nver have chosen this platform if I had known this. When it comes to language options you need to upgrade to the professional plan to get three languages. My business is based in Barcelona so I need Catalan, Spanish and English. The auto-translate option is horrible and the logic to switch between default languages is a joke. If you want to change the default language you have to delete the current one and write all the texts again. There are more annoying things that don´t work for me but the missing hide/unhde feature in the store is a reason for me to switch providers as soon as I can.

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