Can I Transfer My Website from Another Host to iPage?

The process of transferring your website from your current hosting service to iPage is not only possible, but it is very easy.


Here is an overview of the process on how to transfer your website:

The Payment

To transfer your domain from another website, you will need to pay an $8.29 fee. After completing the preliminary step of making a payment, you can start transferring your domain.

Transfer Options

domain-transfer-web-icon-150x150There are two options available to get started. The first option is to transfer your domain name to the iPage domain name registrar.

The second option enables you transfer the entire website, which includes the database and files. Some people even opt for both strategies because supposedly, it leads to better results.

Domain Transfer

While the domain name transfer is self-explanatory: you simply add your domain name from your current service to iPage’s registrar, transferring your entire website is a bit more complicated.

Unlock the Domain

unlock-icon-pTo transfer your website, you first need to unlock the domain name. An unlocked domain name can be moved from one hosting service. To unlock your domain name with your current service, you will need to contact the service and ask about the process. After you have managed to unlock your domain name, you can move to the next step.

Authorization Code 

Now that you have unlocked your domain name, you need to get an authorization code from iPage. The authorization code provides you with domain name protection as you move your website from one hosting service to another. To attain authorization code, simply contact iPage for a transfer key and code. Another option is to check out iPage’s knowledgebase, which shows a set of procedures.

Register with iPage 


The final step is to register with iPage and to fully transfer your domain. After you have registered with iPage, you can go to their “Add Existing Domain” area and enter the name of your domain and the corresponding code. Next, click “transfer” and the process will come to an end.

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