Can I Use an SSL Certificate with iPage?

When creating your own website and finding a hosting service, there are numerous features to take into consideration. A feature that most website owners seem to overlook is the security of the website. The great thing about web hosting services is that many of them offer what is known as an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.


An SSL certificate is what provides an intermediary layer between the webserver and the browser. With the layer in between, all data that passes between the webserver and the browser becomes encrypted, thereby preserving the security of the data and the information.

For those who are considering iPage as a web hosting option, here is the security feature that it offers:

iPage SSL Certificate

ssl-certificate-largeYou can use an SSL certificate with iPage. Not only that, but you can even buy the SSL certificate from the hosting service or choose a plan that includes it for free.

iPage is known for many of its features, one of them being the SSL certificate. There are two types of SSL certificates that you can attain through iPage. The free shared SSL certificate that is included in all web hosting plans or the premium SSL certificate that costs $31.99 per year.

Ultimately, the option that you choose is going to depend upon the needs of your website and what kind of security features you want to offer.

The Difference between the Shared SSL Certificate and the Premium Version

ssl certNow that you know what iPage offers, you may be wondering which option is best for you – the premium version or the standard free shared SSL. The answer ultimately comes down to your needs.

The shared version is offered to all of its customers simply provides you with standard encryption. On the other hand, the premium option secures your consumer’s data and payments even better. Those who own aneCommerce site may be better off with the premium version. The premium version will boost your customer’s confidence in your site, it gives you the highest encryption at a decent cost, and there are warranties up from $10,000 to $1.75M.

As you can tell, the premium version gives you the ultimate protection for your website. In addition, while the cost does seem substantial, the bottom line is that it is fair compared to other web hosting services. For the extra protection and consumer confidence that you are getting, the cost is minimal.


Overall, iPage does offer an SSL certificate through outs web hosting service. You can choose between either the free version or the premium version and the one you opt for will depend on what your needs are as a website owner and what best suits your customers.

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