Can iPage Transfer My Website For Me?

When choosing a web hosting service, you want to make sure that the one you pick is going to make the process of starting or establishing a website as easy as possible. With so many web hosting services on the market, it can be exceedingly difficult to find one that meets all of your needs. If you are especially focused on the issue of website transfer and are currently looking at iPage, then you will find that iPage is pretty limited in terms of what it offers.


Website Transfers

Transferring your website to a web hosting service can be a big process, which is why you may want to look into a web hosting service that does the job for you. In terms of iPage, the web hosting services does not provide website transfer services. If you do want to transfer your webpage to iPage, then you will find that this is possible using one of two different options. While neither option is necessarily easier than the other, the one you choose depends upon your own personal preferences and capabilities.

Here are the two different options for transferring your website to iPage:

Transfer the Domain Name

iPage-website-transfer1Your first option is to transfer your web page by moving your website’s domain name to iPage’s domain registrar. To transfer using this option, you need to first unlock your domain name on your current registrar. Availability may influence whether you can unlock your current domain name. If you are having trouble with this process, then you can always contact iPage’s support staff for help. Keep in mind that you may need to wait for a substantial period of time, as iPage has a very busy customer support staff. You can also file a customer support ticket, which may yield quicker results.

Transfer Authorization Code

iPage-whole-website-transferYour second option is to transfer the authorization code. To transfer using this option, you need to go a step further than just unlocking your domain name. Here, you also need to use a transfer key that is provided to you through iPage. The transfer key gives you an extra level of protection and it will also safeguard your domain from being transferred without your authorization. iPage also offers a number of ways to get a transfer key. To check out their options and to determine which one suits you best, all you need to do is to visit their website, which includes a table.


Pointing your website and/or domain name to your site on iPage is easy. You just need to follow the steps on this page or ask iPage to do the transfer for you. Once you have the preliminary requirements down, you will be able to transfer your domain name quickly.

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