cPanel or Website Builder – Which One Should I Choose?

This is a common question. Here’s my simple-as-possible, straight to the point answer for you:

You should choose eHost’s Website Builder if:

  • You want to build your site using an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • You won’t be setting up an online shop to sell your own products
  • You don’t need to host more than 1 website on a single hosting account.
  • You want simplicity and ease of use, even if it means sacrificing some ability to customize
  • You like what you see in this preview of eHost’s templates (if you don’t, you should choose cPanel for sure)

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On the other hand, you should choose eHost’s cPanel hosting if…

  • You want to make a website with WordPress
  • You want to be able to host more than 1 website on a single eHost account
  • You want to sell your products or digital downloads in your own online shop.
  • You want the power and flexibility to add ANY new functionality to your site, anytime… often using FREE WordPress plugins.
  • You like what you see in either the library of free themes at, or you like any of the paid themes at sites like ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, among many others.

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HINT: cPanel hosting is the best choice for most people in 2015, even if you’re new to making websites. There’s so much free how-to information online to help you make a kick-butt site that will attract your idea audience and allow you to build an income or even grow your existing business.

I highly recommend you use cPanel and make your site with WordPress.

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  1. Reply
    Bryan Kim January 11, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    I’m sorry, D Wright, but the things you are suggesting don’t add up, and it’s due to your own admitted lack of knowledge/skill. So I doubt anyone would blame you for it. cPanel doesn’t “force you to use someone else’s template.” In fact, you have much more flexibility using cpanel hosting, and you won’t be nickel and dimed for features like an online shop, which you would have to pay extra for if you’re using website builder.

    Making a background image stretch the whole width of the screen is a Google search away and can be done with a few lines of CSS. If you want everything handed to you, the problem is that is always comes with restrictions and a much bigger bill, as well as infrastructure that forces you to stay there even if you outgrow the platform.

  2. Reply
    D Wright April 3, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    i started building with site builder and had an imported personal photo for background that i liked and I created text boxes over it that put the print exactly where i liked it. But, it was explained to me by ehost that building with cpanel had more functionality and i could create my background and text exactly the same. Well, I found that cpanel requires you to adapt someone else’s template. i have been unable to find one that allows my photo to be stretched to cover the entire page and I have not figured out how to move text around. I asked about how this is done. I was told to learn to write code or cancel my account. I am very good with a pc and now use an apple. But, i am not into writing code and I find that these website builders claiming to be so easy to use are ridiculously clumsy. Not for lack of options, but for lack of explanation of the features. Even the online tutorials unrelated to ehost are too simplified. i have not found one yet that explains how to import your own photo and make it work as you want, or how to place text where you want it, using cpanel and wordpress. I think i should not have been told to learn code. i think they should learn to make their product work better and learn how to explain it better. If I were designing it, I would have one method of building a website and it would combine features of site builder and cpanel. It has been a bad experience to have to choose which to build with, before knowing all their limitations, and then finding after you committed that you cannot change to the other without canceling the account and beginning over. There must be a better way.

    • Reply
      bryan January 9, 2017 at 6:47 pm

      You have lots of good points there bro.

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