Does BlueHost Offer Monthly Payment?

BlueHost is a wise choice for hosting, whether you are just making your first website or you’re an advanced digital marketer or developer.  They offer a compelling package of performance, reliability, cutting-edge hardware, powerful website building features backed by 24/7 in-house support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With that said, BlueHost does not offer a month-to-month payment option. To get the discounted rates, you’ll need to choose a 36, 24 or 12 month plan.

  • 36-Month Plan – $2.95/month
  • 24-Month Plan – $3.95/month
  • 12-Month Plan – $4.95/month

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BlueHost Monthly Payment Options


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers. The brand is especially informative in terms of the services that it offers, the customer service that it provides, and how powerful the web hosting systems are. With the transparency and professionalism that Bluehost offers, you can make the right decision for your web hosting needs.

One of the main concerns for most people who choose Bluehost is whether the hosting service has a monthly payment option. By paying on a month-to-month basis, you do not need to worry about large upfront fees and in many cases, month-to-month plans allow you to cancel the service at any time because you are not contractually obligated as a result of a large upfront fee.

Monthly Payment Option

We have just discussed the benefits of a month-to-month payment option. If you are looking for this type of opportunity, then the good news is that this option is available with Bluehost. The monthly payment option does apply to all three of their package plans, so you can choose any package and still receive the benefit of paying on a month-to-month basis.

Now that you know that a month-to-month payment option is possible, let’s take a look at what those payments are per package and what you can expect to receive.

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Shared Hosting – $2.95 per month

The first hosting option that you can choose from is shared hosting. This plan is the most popular and is a favorite among users. With this plan, there are also three sub-categories available.


  • Basic. The basic plan has a base cost of $7.99/month just $2.95/month using our exclusive discount link. This plan includes 50GB, allows you to create one website, has unmetered bandwidth, one domain included, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 5 email accounts, and email storage of 100 MB per email account. There are no marketing offers available.
  • Plus. The plus option provides you 10 websites, 150GB of website space, unmetered bandwidth, standard performance, 1 domain, 20 parked domains, 50 sub domains, 100 email accounts, and 500 MB per email account. You also receive $150 worth of marketing offers, global CDN, and 1 spam expert.
  • Business Pro. Mainly geared toward businesses, this plan has unlimited websites, unmetered website space, unmetered bandwidth, high performance, 1 domain, unlimited parked domains, sub domains, and multiple email accounts. You also get $300 worth of advertising credits, global CDN, and 2 spam experts.

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VPS Hosting – $14.99 per month

The VPS hosting plan has three packages, similar to the standard hosting. Prices also start at $14.99 a month. Here are the packages available:


  • Standard. The standard option costs $14.99 per month (for the first four months). Afterwards, it jumps to $29.99 a month. Here you get 2 CPU cores of speed, 30 GB of storage, 2GB RAM, 1TB of bandwidth, 1 domain, 1 IP address, a money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.
  • Enhanced. The enhanced plan starts at $29.99 per month (for the first four months) and then it jumps to $59.99 a month. You get 2 CPU cores, 60 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, 2 TB of bandwidth, 1 domain, 2 IP addresses, 24/7 support, and a money back guarantee.
  • Premium. The premium account starts at $44.99 (for the first four months) and then jumps to $89.99 per month. Although expensive, you do get 3 CPU cores, 120 GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, 3 TB of bandwidth, 1 domain, 2 IP addresses, a money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.

The final and most expensive plan is dedicated hosting.

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Dedicated Hosting – $74.99 per month

The dedicated hosting, as you can image, is the most expensive option. For many though, it is well worth it. This is the pricing and what you attain with the dedicated hosting month-to-month offer:


  • Standard. The standard package costs $74.99 per month for the first month, and then it jumps to $149.99. With this package, you get 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU, 1 TB storage, 4GB of RAM, 5 GB of bandwidth, 1 domain, 3 IP addresses, a money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.
  • Enhanced. The enhanced package costs $99.99 for the first month, then jumping to $199.99. With this package, you get 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU, 1TB mirrored of storage, 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB, 1 domain, 4 IP addresses, a money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.
  • Premium. Finally, the premium version starts at $124.99 for the first month and then jumps to $249.99. With this package, you get 4 x 3.3 GHz CPU, 1 TB storage, 16 GB of RAM, 15 TB of bandwidth, 1 domain, 6 IP addresses, a money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.

While you can certainly take away the current pricing points for each packaging and hosting option, there are a few other elements that you may want to pay attention to. If you are looking for 24/7 customer support, then you need to choose a plan that offers that option. The most economical plan does not offer customer support.

In addition, another take away from the information given is that a lot of the pricing is set to change after you sign up for the service and use it for a given time period. For example, the dedicated hosting packages are only at the initial price point for one month. Alternatively, if you do VPS hosting, then you get the lower price for 4 months. The only true change is to the shared hosting plans, where the new pricing is the discounted price that the company is currently offering.

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Overall, while Bluehost does offer you the option to pay on a month-to-month basis, you obviously should take into account the types of package options and what you will pay for each hosting plan. By having insight into what you are going to pay, you can budget accordingly and ensure that you are getting a fair price. Additionally, the multiple plan options allow you to grow with this service as your needs change.

Another benefit is that if you choose VPS or dedicated hosting, there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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