Does iPage Offer Dedicated SSL or Only Shared?

There are numerous things to think about when you sign up for a web hosting service. Every user is looking for different qualities, which is why you need to verify that a service you are interested in offers you what you are looking for. Currently, there are a few popular web hosting services on the web, one of which is known as iPage. For users are currently looking into this service and would like a dedicated SSL certificate, here is an overview of whether iPage offers this capability.


What is an SSL Certificate and What Does “Dedicated” Mean?
sslAn SSL certificate, also known as Secure Socket Layer, is a security technology that most web hosting services provide. This security feature creates an encrypted link between the browser and the web server. As users input their personal information on your web page, particularly if your page is an online store, the security feature ensures that the information is encrypted. Since the information is encrypted, other web users will not be able to see the data being transmitted, thereby protecting your mkusers’ information.

There are two types of SSL certificates. One is the shared version and the second is a dedicated option. A dedicated SSL is different from a shared SSL in the sense that the dedicated option utilizes your own domain name. As a result, the dedicated option is even more secure than the shared. Now let’s look at whether iPage offers you the opportunity to use a dedicated SSL.

What iPage Offers

free-shared-sslUnfortunately, users who are looking for a private SSL certificate on iPage are going to be disappointed. iPage only offers a shared SSL and this service comes in two options and at a price.

The two SSL options are Protection and Google Rankings and E-Commerce Protection. The former costs $31.99 per year, while the latter costs $269.9 per year. The Protection and Google Rankings Option is ideal for businesses, blogs, and organizers where identity is being transmitted on a regular basis. This option also offers basic encryption, thereby protecting your user’s information.

The alternative option, E-Commerce Protection, is ideal for e-commerce websites. With a high level of traffic filtering through your website and personal information being transmitted, you need to protect your users’ personal information to the best of your ability. While the package is costly, you will find that it does pay off in the long term because it helps you retain business and it also ensures that your users feel more secure shopping on your website.

Overall, while iPage does not offer a dedicated SSL certificate, their options are still decent. You can get the protection that you need, regardless of the type of website you own.

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