Does iPage Offer Website Backup?

If you have recently purchased a web hosting service, then you have probably taken a look at all of the service’s features. A common feature that you will come across is a website backup capability. Like most web hosting services, iPage also offers this service.


iPage Backup Rates

To backup your webpage using iPage, you will need to pay a monthly rate. The rates are as follows:

  • First year backup rate: $12.95
  • Renewal backup rate: $16.95

Compared to other web hosting services, these rates are pretty affordable when you consider the first year backup rate. For example, if you were to use eHost’s backup services, the fee is $15 to restore from an automated backup. On the other hand, if you compare the backup rate to the renewal backup rate, then you will be paying more with iPage.


The Automatic Backup Upgrade

Under iPage, the automatic backup is considered an upgrade. If you would like to take advantage of the upgrade, then you can register for it during the sign-up process. All you need to do is to check the box that you would like to receive the service.

The advantages of the automatic website backup are pretty substantial. Those who utilize this service will be able to automatically restore their lost files. In addition, the service makes it possible to download the website files into a .zip file. These capabilities can reduce a significant amount of stress when it comes to potentially losing information or pressing the wrong button that may clear files.

The Manual Backup Upgrade

iPage also offers users the opportunity to manually backup their files. With the manual option, users can decide upon a specific backup date to restore and the content will then be restored to the site. Choosing which backup you would like to restore allows you to use a file that is most pertinent to your needs, as opposed to a recent backup that may not be useful.

The Advantage of iPage

When considering that other web hosting services also offer backup options, you may be wondering why investing in iPage’s service is a good option. First, iPage’s backup service is recognized as complete secure. You can feel confident that your files are being transferred safely and confidentially. Second, iPage is an affordable web hosting service that offers users the opportunity to get unlimited bandwidth, domain hosting, MySQL, and a free domain name. These capabilities all come at the low cost of $3.50 per month.

Finally, you will also find that backing up your files using iPage’s system is completely easy and user-friendly. Once you backup your files, you can restore them at any time within a few short minutes. Overall, iPage’s backup system is a simple and affordable option.

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