Does iPage support Django?

For users familiar with Django, many are concerned about the many issues that have been pointed out when using the Python framework on iPage. While iPage has clearly stated that they fully support users that prefer using Django, several website owners have encountered issues with doing so.

As one of the older web hosts in the industry, iPage has long been known for being an affordable host that offers solid quality hosting services. When it comes to the use of Django, however, they seemed to have missed the boat a bit.


In order to use Django, you must run it under iPage’s CGI. While doing this is not impossible, it can get extremely annoying and frustrating at times. Another issue is that the iPage customer support team does not provide much technical help related to using Django on their site.

If you must use Django, one user pointed out a somewhat simple way to do so. Following these steps should help you get started:

  • Step #1 – Install virtualenv. This is done in order to make it easier to create self-contained Python environments.
  • Step #2 – Install Django through pip. Pip should already be installed automatically when downloading virtualenv.
  • Step #3 – Make sure your MySQL interface is up-to-date
  • Step #4 – Start your Django project and assign a database

From there, much of the next steps will be taken based on the type of project you are looking to create. It should once again be pointed out that iPage does support Django, but is not an optimal web host for users that prefer it as their go-to framework.

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