Does iPage support jQuery and Javascript?

As one of the most powerful programming languages available to web developers, Javascript is used on millions of sites throughout the web. jQuery is a popular Javascript library that is actually used on over 60% of the top 10 million sites found on the web.


With these statistics in mind, many web developers looking for a web host need to be sure that the host is able to properly support their programming language of choice. Interestingly enough, there is very little information on either iPage’s website or in search engines about the support that iPage provides for Javacript and jQuery.

iPage does not directly say that they support Javascript or jQuery, but there have been users that have said they have been able to use the popular programming language to develop their site. There is also no information about Javascript in iPage’s knowledgebase.

jjThe programming and scripting languages that iPage does clearly support include CGI/Perl and PHP/Python. So, if you are looking to get technical support directly from the iPage staff, you will be much better off using one of those two languages.

If you absolutely must use jQuery and Javascript to develop your site, you basically have one of two options; attempt to use the language on your site with the help forums and other users or go with another web host. Unfortunately, it does not look like you receive much help or support from iPage when it comes to running Javascript or jQuery.

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