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As with just about every other web host, HostGator frequently offers coupons, allowing you save a great deal of money on the first month of their purchase. Many of the coupons offered can be found directly on their website, although there are others that need to be searched for through other online outlets.

Let’s take a look at some of the main questions that users may have about HostGator coupons and how they are used:

HostGator actually has their own page on their website that is dedicated to providing users with coupons that are currently available for use. While they currently list about four different coupons that can be used, that will obviously change as new coupons become available and old ones are no longer able to be used.

The exact packages that HostGator coupons can be used for varies. Most of their coupons are related to first month savings for the standard plans that they offer, although there are also several available for domain and savings on your entire order as a whole. While rare, HostGator also offers coupons at times for their premium plans.

Can Coupons Be Used for VPS Plans?

Yes. While it does not happen often, there are times when coupons are available for VPS plans. It should be understood, however, that most of these coupons can only be used for savings on the first month of your plan. After that, your account will return to normal pricing.

Can Coupons Be Used for Dedicated Server Plans?

Yes. Similar to coupons for VPS plans, there are rare occurrences where coupons become available for dedicated server plans. This is once again only for the first month of your plan, however, and you will have to pay the normal price once that time is up.

How Do I Enter a Coupon Code?

When ordering a specific plan, HostGator has a long form that needs to be filled out thoroughly for a purchase to take place. On that form, the fifth area is designated for coupon codes. Once you enter your code and click the validate button, the discount you receive will be automatically displayed under the ‘Review Order Details’ portion of the form.

You should be aware that while a coupon may say it is validated, the discount will only be valid if it is actually displayed in the ‘Review Order Details’ section. So you will want to be absolutely sure that your discount is being displayed before clicking the ‘Checkout Now’ button at the bottom of the page.

What if a Coupon From a Third Party Site is Validated But No Discount is Shown?

This basically means that the coupon was valid at one point but is no longer usable on the HostGator site. It could also mean that coupon code that you entered does not work for the specific plan that you have chosen. Once again it should be reiterated that, unless the discount shows up under the ‘Review Order Details’ section, you will not be receiving any type of savings.

It could be said that HostGator is a being a bit manipulative by telling you that codes are valid when they do not actually provide any type of savings. More than likely, however, this is simply an automated process where the coupon section tells you that any coupon code that works on their website is valid.

What Type of Savings Can I Expect From Most Coupons?

All of the coupons offered on HostGator’s website are for savings of at least 20% on a specific order. Some of those coupons may actually be for the entire order, meaning a 20% discount over the course of your 24 or 36 month plan can be a couple hundred dollars.


Can You Use Multiple Coupon Codes For a Single Order?

No. This is one of the disadvantages of HostGator’s coupon system as you will not be able to use more than one coupon code for a single order. With the fact that they offer some coupons for specific things like domain transfers and email features, those become somewhat irrelevant when there is almost always some type of entire order discount available through the HostGator website.

The Final Word

Overall, HostGator’s coupon system is not much different than many of the other web hosts out there. It should be reiterated over and over again, however, that you will want to be sure that any savings that you expect to receive from a coupon code are displayed in the ‘Review Order Details’ section.

There have actually been several occurrences where users have put in a coupon code, seen that it was validated, and then moved on and made their order. Understandably, they have then gone straight to review sites to make it known that they did not receive the intended discount and were in fact ripped off by HostGator.
At the end of the day, as long as you go through the process correctly, HostGator does offer the opportunity to receive a significant amount of savings with their coupons. Be sure to experiment with different coupon codes to find out which ones offer the best savings before completing your order.

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