How much do additional domains cost on iPage?

iPage is one of the few web hosts in the industry that offers a free domain registration to all users who sign up for an account. This domain remains free for a one-year period, at which point you can decide whether you would like to renew the domain for full cost or give the rights back to iPage.


For users that are interested in creating another website through a different domain, you will be happy to know that you can do so through the same account. Any additional domains, however, are not free.

The cost of an additional domain name will depend on the specific type of top-level domain that you want to use. Currently, the cheapest option when it comes to a TLD is .net, which allows you to purchase a domain for only $14.99/year.

Purchasing other popular top-level domains, such as .org, .com, or .biz, will set you back $14.99/year. You can also decide to go with TLDs like .ca, .be, and .name for the same price of $14.99/year.

If you are looking for country specific domains outside of the United States, the price will be a few dollars higher. While the .us domain is only $14.99/year, the .eu option comes in at $16.95/year. For those looking for a .au domain, you will have to commit to two years for a total cost of $42.99.

It should be noted that the prices listed above are for domain names that would not be considered premium. Many of the domains that feature common keywords will require much higher overall prices. iPage will alert you if you have entered a premium domain name during initial registration.

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