How Much Do Extra Domains Cost on iPage?

When purchasing a web hosting service, one of the main points of consideration is whether you should purchase one or more domain names. At the end of the day, purchasing numerous domain names is not worthwhile if you don’t have a unique website or if you are unable to support the domain. On the other hand, if you do decide to purchase extra domain names, then your next concern is going to be your budget. Some web hosting services charge you high additional fees for domain names, while others are more reasonable.


Let’s take a look at what iPage has to offer:

Initial Domain Name is Free

Many people sign up for iPage because of all the freebies that it offers. One of those freebies is a free domain name upon registration. If you are interested in multiple domain names, then you will find logging in to be easier, as well as maintaining additional accounts for the other domain. While iPage does not place a limit on how many domains you can own, it does make sure that you pay for each extra domain that you have.

Also, another thing to note is that while the first domain is free initially, you will be prompted to pay a renewal fee once a year is up. The renewal fee for the once free domain is $15.99. Therefore, if you do choose to add additional domains, you will be paying for your initial domain the second year around and any new domains that you add or renew.

setting domain

Additional Domains

The price for additional domains through iPage varies from $9.99 to $34.95. The cheapest type of domain is .net regular TLD. On the other hand, the most expensive domain is the Top-Level domain, which is attributed to websites that end in “.com”. Each domain will require that you purchase it for a minimum term of a year. Once the year is up, you will be required to either renew the domain or cancel. On average though, users pay $15.99 for additional domains.

Overall, not only can your original iPage domain be costly, but additions will further enhance your bill.

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