How To Set Up Your Site With WordPress on iPage

As the most popular content management system available to website owners, WordPress is a must for many iPage users.

iPage actually makes it quite easy for you to install and use WordPress with any of their available plans.

Step 1 – To get started, you’ll need your iPage hosting account ready. If you don’t have an iPage account yet, use this link to visit iPage and click  the “get started now” button to get the lowest price and a FREE domain when you sign up.

Step 2 – Login to your iPage control panel and go to ‘InstallCentral’ under the ‘Scripting and Add-Ons’ tab

Step 3 – Click on the ‘Blogs’ tab and select WordPress

Step 4 – Click ‘Begin Installation’

Step 5 – Follow the steps on the ‘Install’ page

Step 6 – Click ‘Install Now’ – wait a few seconds, and your website is ready!

The install page is the most time consuming part of the process as it requires you to enter in several fields. After going through this process, you should now have WordPress installed under your domain name. From here, you should be able to login directly through your blog’s URL or the control panel and begin to write and edit posts.



If you are already dead set on using WordPress, iPage offers two plans that already have the popular CMS downloaded. These plans include the WP Starter plan and the WP Essential plan. The biggest difference between the two is that the Essential plan includes super speed capabilities, enhanced security features, and gives you access to WP experts for technical support.

Included with both WordPress plans are a wide array of curated themes, pre-installed plugins, and a customized control panel that is designed specifically for WP users. The price of the WP Starter plan is $3.75 for the first month, $10.49/month if you pay monthly, $8.49/month if paying for 2 years, and $9.49/month for a yearlong commitment.


For users interested in the dedicated support and enhanced security features, the WP Essential plan is $6.95 for the first month, $12.49 for a monthly or yearlong commitment, $11.49/month for a 2-year commitment, and $10.49/month for a 3 year term. It should be noted that, unless you pay on a monthly basis, you will be billed for the entire amount of the plan.

If you are not going with one of the WordPress plans, installation of WP can be done using the 1-click installer as shown in the video above.

iPage is considered to be one of the better web hosts available for users that prefer WordPress as their content management system. You should be aware that dedicated WP support is only available if you go with one of the WordPress hosting plans that iPage offers.

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