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ipage-logoiPage is one of the best and most affordable web hosting providers, offering comprehensive solutions to clients who wish to establish a strong online presence. In my opinion, for any business owner or company that can survive the fierce competition in the World Wide Web for more than a decade, they must have something in it. It doesn’t come as a surprise that iPage knows what a website needs to be successful, because they have been around since the year 1999.

For every company, there will always be pros and cons. This entirely depends on the actual experience of clients. The same can be said for the online industry in general. iPage, for instance, also meets some positive AND negative feedbacks from their clients. The good thing about iPage, though, is that they do something about the complaints, always striving to provide better services.1_thor_small

Right now, it’s time to lay down the hammer – the rant hammer. It’s like Thor’s hammer but heavier and has a rage face on it, ready to strike down with full force.

2_chat sucks_smallLet’s face it: iPage’s chat support kinda’ sucks

Don’t even click that chat button. Seriously, those monkeys will waste your time.

But that’s how it is with all the shared hosting companies. They outsource to this support center in India that does work for so many hosts, they even sometimes ask you which company you’re asking about.

Play this out in your head – you click ‘chat’ and ask a question… dude says his name is Jimmy Johnson or something, and he asks you what company you need help with? Come on, but hey it’s super cheap and you get what you pay for…


I admit I have had helpful conversations with their chat support people before. It’s hit or miss, and honestly, you’re way better off with REAL support from actual knowledgeable web geeks (hit up support@ipage-inc.com). Those dudes will ALWAYS take great care of you. At least that’s my experience since 2007. Just hearing a friendly voice from a guy named Chris in North America, who helped me figure something out with my website over the phone… that makes it worth it.

4_pay more_small You have to pay up front for 1 year or more

They say it costs  $2.75/month.

You get to the payment page and find you have to pay it as 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, with bigger savings/discounts for 2 and 3 years.

See for yourself (currently they have a $2.75/month sale running for the next day or two).

There’s no month-to-month option in the screenshot below…

5_moneyback_smallBUT here’s the good news: Even if you buy 3 years, you can get your money back if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, at any time. If you use iPage for 8 months and cancel and ask for a refund, you get the remainder of your money back.

This is all standard practice among all the most popular shared hosting companies. They would go bankrupt if they only charged monthly, as it takes a lot of money to run a hosting company.

Also, if you want to pay a monthly fee instead of a yearly discounted package deal, look into VPS, Cloud or Dedicated hosting… but instead of $3.50/mo it’s more like $150.00/month… no go. Game over man!

6_no ssh access_small No SSH Access with iPage

If you love the world of black screens and cryptic messages in old-fashioned fonts (like I do), then you’ll be pissed to discover that iPage doesn’t allow SSH.

Unfortunately most shared hosting companies (Read: hosting under $10 per month) do not offer SSH. I believe BlueHost still offers SSH access though.

With that said, iPage allows basically everything else you need as a developer. They just block SSH to protect their customers/servers from malicious attacks and increase hosting reliability.

7_better option_small Bottom Line: iPage is still a better option

I still use iPage because they’re good value for the money. Just like anyone else, they have their share of problems, but they are superficial for me, so I’m still happy with my websites on iPage.

Of course, ever web hosting company has their drawback and iPage is no exception. However, they give their clients a much more solid experience compared to other web hosting providers. It’s affordable, provides unlimited bandwidth, has user-friendly features and options, and throws in a lot of cool features for free. So even with limitations, the benefits you’ll get will definitely outweigh it.

So I’m going to end my rant here, and declare that iPage still remains the best choice, especially for those who are just starting to explore the vast World Wide Web. [Insert thumbs up face meme]

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  1. Reply
    Jim Mork March 19, 2014 at 3:09 am

    iPage delays charge credits they owe you by up to 9 days. They take float by delaying refunds. Not what I call an ethical business.

  2. Reply
    David Jackson June 11, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Sucks?…How kind! there must be a few million East Indians who would love to work a chat …I have had my “account” for about a month; have taken my time doing a mock-up; have not bothered anyone at iPage; and, have waited a good portion of my adult life for some sort of “human contact”. Just about all I have ever asked is the most minimal information. Mostly, I have had to beg for the simplest of responses…usually, way late. Can anyone spell D-U-E D-I -L-I-G-E-N-C-E? You PAY YOUR MONEY; you take your chances. Proceed at your own peril. I don’t know if I can do this thing on my own; but, I suppose I am about to find out

  3. Reply
    richard mulcahy June 1, 2013 at 3:21 am

    Ipage will notify you about an automated charge to your card, but not about an expiration if you don’t automate a charge to your card, so they can charge $160 for the service that normally costs $14.95. How convenient!

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