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Sometimes, the best things about the Internet can suddenly turn into a complete nightmare. Easy access to information means that pretty much anyone can look you up online and find personal details like your email address, contact number, and even your home address. It may not happen often but hackers, spammers, fraudsters, and even creepy stalkers can use your personal information that could mean serious trouble on your part.

1_protect personal info_smallProtect your personal information with domain privacy!

Domain registration is something that you should take into account. Every time you register a new domain or extend the registration of your old domain, you need to provide personal information, as required by ICANN, the organization responsible for monitoring and managing domain names. Unless you protect your personal information, it will be publicly available on the Web. With a simple WHOIS lookup, anyone can find you. Luckily, iPage Domain Privacy can protect you.

Read on and find out how why you should opt for their service.

What is Domain Privacy?

2_domain privacy_smallDomain privacy simply refers to the protection given to your personal data from being directly posted on the Web, particularly in the WHOIS database. Again, when registering a domain, you will be required to give out your personal information, which includes your name, email address, and contact details, among others.

3_publicized info_smallAfter domain registration, your personal data will be stored in the WHOIS database which can easily be accessed online. This can help you increase your publicity, but it may not always be an advantage because everyone – including online thieves and fraudsters – will have access to all of your pertinent details. What’s worse is that they can use it for their own benefit.

4_filtered info_small It is at this case when domain privacy can help you out. Domain privacy disables direct access of your personal data on the WHOIS database, replacing it with generic information. Under iPage, the data presented will be those pertaining to iPage’s system. Inquiries from other users regarding your information will be directed first to the domain privacy service and will be filtered before it will reach you. This way, you will be able to protect yourself from having to let other people view:

  • Your real name
  • Your email address
  • Your credit card info
  • The name of your business/company
  • Your billing address

5_you need domain privacy_smallYou need domain privacy if:

  • You don’t want other people to find out who owns your site.
  • You want to hide all of your personal data associated with your site’s WHOIS records.

6_comparison_smallCompare Privacy vs No Privacy

On the left, we have a normal WHOIS record. Using a website like DomainTools, anyone can look up your website’s domain name, and it will show them the information below.

If you have domain privacy, they will only see the contact information for your domain registrar (the company you bought your domain name with). If you don’t have domain privacy, the searcher will see all of your personal information available there, as required by ICANN law.

7_benefits of domain privacy_smallThe Benefits of iPage Domain Privacy

Having the domain privacy on your iPage-hosted website will protect your personal data even after owning a public account for your domain. Here are some of the perks of iPage’s domain privacy system:

8_creepers_smallKeeps stalkers and creepers at bay. These individuals will always find ways to get to you no matter what. They will search every single archive and follow your online footprints just to get closer to you and your personal information. With domain privacy, these people will never be a step closer.

9_spammers_smallIt protects you from spammers. Spammers will also use your private data like your email address to send you annoying spam mails and other malicious junk. The WHOIS database is a chief source for them to start the dirty work. But with domain privacy, you can hide your personal details from the database which will help you avoid these spammers.

10_online thief_smallIt also protects you from online thieves and fraudsters. Hackers and other fraudulent individuals are lurking in the dark corners of the Internet. They have dominated the virtual market in search of susceptible victims. So don’t let your guard down! To prevent them from using your personal information for their own benefit, you need to keep yourself protected by not flaunting your personal data on the Web.

11_unwarranted sites_smallIt protects your website from unwarranted domain association. Keeping all relevant information private will protect your site from being used by other sites without your permission. This protects your domain from being associated with shady websites that could negatively affect your site’s integrity, like adult websites.

Do I Need iPage Domain Privacy?

12_do i need domain privacy_small It’s entirely your preference. You don’t NEED it, but it’s worth the investment. Some tinfoil hat people may say that Google gives you cool-points for leaving your information public, as if you are less likely to be a black-hat search engine spammer. I personally don’t buy into that SEO paranoia bull and I keep all my domains private just for peace of mind.


How Much Will It Cost?13_cost_small

The cost of iPage’s domain privacy isn’t something to worry about because it comes at a very affordable rate of $9.99 for a whole year of subscription. This is quite cheap considering the protection that it will bring to your website.

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