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I thought it’d be helpful to list the most popular questions I receive every month, along with the answers.

Thanks to everyone who has written in with their questions in my “Ask Bryan” page. 🙂

Does iPage bill monthly or yearly?

iPage bills yearly just like most shared hosting companies. UPDATE: As I write this, iPage is showing a monthly option alongside their yearly plans. It’s $3.99/month, real month-to-month payment. The other options are $2.75/month for 1, 2 or 3 year plans. It’s currently on sale at 80% off the normal price of $9.99/mo. I have no idea when they’ll switch pricing back to normal again.

Does iPage have a good site builder?

If you asked me a few years ago, the answer would be a resounding yes. However, today I feel that iPage’s site builder is a bit outdated. They use an older version of Weebly. So it’s hard to create something that looks contemporary when the tools, styles and templates are from 2010, for example. If you want to use a site builder, I highly recommend you look into eHost or SiteBuilder.com

Do I need web hosting?

Yes, if you want a website, you gotta have web hosting of some kind; whether it’s shared hosting like iPage, a website builder like SiteBuilder.com or eHost, VPS, cloud, dedicated, etc.

Does iPage allow AdSense on my site?

Yes, it’s your website and you can monetize it however you want. 🙂 iPage encourages you to take advantage of the freedom you get by paying for real web hosting.

Does iPage put ads on my website?

No way! Ahhh, reminds me of the days of GeoCities and “You’ve got mail!” hahaha all joking aside, it’s a definite no. iPage doesn’t put ads or interfere with your website in any way. You pay for it so you have full control.

Can I use WordPress on iPage?

Yes. iPage makes it easy as you’ll see in this video. In just a few clicks, you can have your WordPress website up and running, ready for you to start posting. 

Can I use Frontpage with iPage?

Yes. iPage supports all Frontpage extensions, enabling you to build your entire website in Frontpage.

Can I use my Godaddy domain (or another) with iPage?

Yes. iPage doesn’t trap you into their services only. Just change your DNS settings at GoDaddy, Enom or whatever registrar you use, so that your nameservers are set to ns1.ipage.com and ns2.ipage.com.

Do I need iPage Sitelock Security?

If you want to protect your website from malware with daily security scans, you can use SiteLock. Or you can use 3rd party tools such as Securi, but they have to be run manually.

Can I build a good website with iPage, or is only for people who don't 'get it'?

Yes, you can build a great website with iPage. I highly recommend using WordPress. iPage offers 1-click installation, and you can customize your site fast with beautiful themes. It doesn’t take much time to make a kick-ass website. 

Do I need iPage's Identity Theft Protection Package?

In my humble opinion, no. I don’t see the advantage. Domain Privacy hides your personal information from your WHOIS records, and that’s plenty for me.

Do I need iPage Domain Privacy?

Yes, if you don’t want your name and address publicly viewable on your WHOIS records. Anyone in the world can look up a website’s WHOIS record – it’s part of how the structure of the internet works. It’s your option (thankfully), to make this private. iPage Domain Privacy replaces your personal information with generic contact information of your web host, like iPage.

Do I need to buy an iPage Directory Listing?

No way! They nofollow your link so unless you’re trying to balance our your website’s backlink profile so you have more nofollow links, it’s not worth $29.95/year to me. You can just comment on peoples’ blogs for those links instead.

Does iPage allow SSH access?

Nope – iPage blocks SSH to help stop malicious hackers and bots from messing up their servers and causing downtime for customers’ websites. I think it’s a good move. If you’re a developer like me though, you may wish you had SSH sometimes, like if you need to import a HUGE database.

Does iPage give you email?

Yes, you can have yourname@yourwebsite.com and any number of additional emails for your friends/employees. It’s easy to set up too. I am a GMail fanboy though, so I point my MX records to Gmail so I can check my iPage emails on a gmail account.

Does iPage have FTP?

Yes, you can have any number of FTP accounts you want for your iPage website. Also, FTP is easy to use and pretty fast.

Does iPage include CMS options?

Yes, you can choose from 1-click installations of WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution and many more CMS options.

Does iPage let you own your website?

Yes, absolutely. You’re paying for it – this is legit hosting, not some free host that owns your content.

How can I create a forum on iPage?

You can use their free phpBB forum installer (easy) or set up your own forums such as vBulletin.

How can I set up a blog on iPage?

I highly recommend using their FREE 1-click WordPress Blog setup. It’s easy. If you need a guide, go to my WordPress page.

How easy is iPage's website builder?

So easy it’s BORRRRING. That’s my opinion. I hate site builders because I like coding and designing my own stuff from scratch. Anyway, it’s really easy – point and click. Drag stuff around. Type text you want on it, etc.

How much does a domain name cost on iPage?

If you buy hosting from iPage, you get a domain name FREE for 1 year. Cool. After that year, it renews at $14.95/year. Not bad considering I’m stuck with eNom for my domains, out of habit, and it’s $16.95/domain for me.

Do I need iPage Automated Site Backup?

Yes, speaking from my experience. Unless you don’t mind creating your website from scratch again.. Yeah. That happened to me with another hosting company in 2005 and I learned that day… never get hosting without automated site backup. It’s worth its weight in blood sweat and tears.

What control panel do you get on iPage?

When you login to iPage, you get their customized vDeck control panel. It’s way less confusing and complicated than cPanel. So that’s good for most people. I’m a super-geek though, so I prefer cPanel WHM muahahhaa. Be sure to see my in-depth review of iPage for more comprehensive guidance on their control panel.

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