Is iPage Hosting Slow?

Before choosing any web hosting service, there are always a few factors that you need to verify. Perhaps the most important one is the speed of the web hosting service. Speed is relevant because it not only ensures that traffic reaches your website, but it also makes your user’s experience easier, faster, and more convenient.


While there are many web hosting services that provide excellent speeds, there are also a few that are below par. If you are currently considering iPage as a potential web hosting service, then here is an overview of what you can expect in terms of website speed:

iPage and Speed


The type of response time that your website has depends upon a number of factors. The most important one appears to be location, such as whether you are on the east coast or the west coast of the United States or even out of country.

For those who are based on the west coast, iPage’s response time is 73ms. On the other hand, those that are based on the east coast experience a response time of 12ms.  The main reasoning for the difference in speed is the server location. iPage has two data centers that are located in Boston, Massachusetts. As a result, the closer proximity to the data center results in higher response times.

Alternatively, websites that are based outside of the United States have the slowest response times. Therefore, if your website is based offshore, then you may want to choose a web hosting service in that country, which can better cater to your needs.

Who iPage is Ideal for, Based on Speed

Since iPage has varying speeds, it ultimately is recommended for websites that don’t receive a tremendous amount of traffic. For example, iPage is ideal for blogs, portfolios, resumes, small e-commerce sites, and local businesses.

Another consideration that you should be taking into account when looking at hosting speed is the uptime. At the current level, iPage’s overall uptime is about 99.83%. While this figure certainly isn’t the 99.99% you may get with other web hosting services, it is pretty decent. The main disadvantage though in terms of uptime is that there is no guarantee involved. A number of web hosting services guarantee certain uptime levels, therefore iPage falls behind in that respect.



In sum, iPage’s web hosting service is pretty fast for websites that are close to its data centers. The farther one is from the data center, the less potential there is for speedy website performance. In addition, some users have complained about slowness when the website experiences high volume in terms of traffic or during peak usage hours. You may want to take these issues into account in determining whether iPage is right for you.

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