Does iPage offer SEO services? Should I use them or look elsewhere?

As you probably already know, successful SEO is absolutely vital to the growth of any website. With proper SEO, you site can gain a great deal of organic traffic that brings in visitors ready and willing to purchase whatever product or service you have to offer.


iPage understands the importance of great SEO and offer services to help their website owners better prepare themselves to rank highly through the search engines. While these services are not included in any of the offered plans, they are much more affordable than purchasing SEO based services from most agencies or companies.

Currently, the cost of receiving SEO services directly from iPage’s team of experts is $99/month. It should be noted that this price is not typical and that the regular price of SEO services is $150/month (meaning you can receive significant savings by trying it out now).

When you purchase SEO services from iPage, you will receive web content writing, website linking, and continuous website analytics directly from their in-house team. iPage actually hires professional copywriters and SEO professionals to handle all of these services.

While it is clear that iPage offers solid SEO services, the major question that most users have is whether or not they should work with iPage’s experts or look elsewhere. Answering this question is difficult as it will almost always depend on your current situation.

One thing that you should realize before making any type of decision is that there are some limitations and issues when it comes to working with their team. For one, you will have to give iPage’s SEO team access to all of the files and content on your website. This can certainly lead to a bit of privacy concern for many users.

Another issue is that their services are not of the highest quality imaginable. While paying $99/month for solid SEO services is a steal, you will have to invest much more than that with a dedicated SEO agency if you really want to take your SEO success to another level.

So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you are looking for. If you are looking for someone that can deliver solid SEO services at an affordable price, iPage certainly does that. If, however, you want to develop a long term plan that will enable you to rank at the top of search engines for years to come, going with a more specialized agency is probably your best bet.

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