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So you’re on the fence about iPage, and you want to know if their website builder is right for you?

Here’s the thing…

As I mentioned in my comprehensive review, iPage uses Weebly site builder. Weebly is a popular brand among site building companies, and they have a quality product.

The problem is this… iPage uses a free, outdated version of Weebly’s site builder. They formed a partnership a few years ago to provide the sitebuilder for iPage’s customers at no extra charge, and while that’s great for customers, it hasn’t been updated, so it can only be used to build dated-looking sites with dated features.

Improvements in web technology are accelerating, and the way we build and maintain websites is pretty different compared to say, two years ago.

If you’re looking for a modern, powerful, feature-filled site builder, definitely check out these options:

  1. eHost – offers the same site builder platform as SiteBuilder.com, PLUS the extra option of cPanel hosting, so it’s a great all-rounder solution. If you’re considering eHost, be sure to check out my new eHost review here.
  2. SiteBuilder.com – a powerful, super-easy-to-use, modern, up to date website builder platform.

#1 Rated Site Builder: SiteBuilder.com

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Simply pick a design you like, click to edit, add titles, descriptions, and other important information, and you can publish your site right away!

3_benefits of sitebuilder_smallThe Benefits of Using Site Builders

Apart from the fact that they’re easy to use and learn, site builders are admired by many users because they make it easy for them to publish websites. With the help of a site builder, you can set up your first website in just a matter of minutes, and publish them in just seconds.

Want to make changes on your website’s design? No problem! You can easily do so and the changes you make will be reflected on your site instantly – no downtime required! This lets you design your website in a trial-and-error basis without affecting your website’s overall performance.

4_drag&drop_smallWeebly Drag and Drop Site Builder on iPage

If you have an account with Weebly and have used their site builder, then you’ll notice the similarity to that of iPage’s drag-and-drop site builder. This is because iPage uses the same site builder as Weebly.

Weebly is an independent web hosting company that provides free hosting services to users. They have a fantastic site builder that has become widely known and used, convincing them to make it proprietary. Because of this, other web hosting companies were allowed to use the same tool in exchange for licensing fees.

iPage uses the same site builder and acquired its license so their clients can use it. Now, the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder is part of iPage’s basic web hosting services.

5_best way_smallWeb Newbie: The Best Way to Build Your Own Website with iPage

Whether it’s for personal or business use, creating a website offers the opportunity for you to branch out and share your information, product or service into a global audience online. Building your own website would no longer require you to hire a professional web developer because you can now do it yourself.

iPage provides one of the best and most affordable web hosting solutions, and they are better equipped with tools that make building a website simple and easy. The Weebly Drag and Drop Builder is very easy to use because you just have to hold, drag, and drop the elements of your choice into your web page.

6_warning_smallTo start building your own website, simply log in to your iPage account and select the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder under the Website section from your control panel.


Important Factors to Consider

There are some factors to consider before getting started: a priority would be finding a reliable website hosting provider which could support you in all the phases of your website building. iPage does exactly that: this company provides you with user-friendly web building tools, on top of providing you with the most consistent security, uptime and hosting solutions. As a bonus you would get 24/7 technical customer support and access to a knowledgebase covering all the necessary information you need to address any issues you might face while building your website.

With some basic instructions, you could create a professionally-looking website in no time.

Getting Started

7_free domain_smallOnce you’ve sketched out a plan for your website’s purpose, select an appropriate domain name. A domain name would be the unique “address” to your website, which would be what your potential visitors would type to access it. Choose something that is easy to remember and catchy. iPage provides you a free domain name with your subscription, so you wouldn’t have to be paying extra for it.

Choosing a Template

8_choosing template_smallHere comes the slightly trickier part. There are a couple of ways to build a website using scripts other than HTML, particularly CSS and PHP, which are popular for both bloggers and more experienced web designers. For your convenience, iPage has worked in collaboration with different CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress and Joomla. These open-source CMS provide you with different ready-made templates and designs created by other web users. You could also select default web templates from iPage’s own collection. There are both free templates and premium themes which you would have to pay for. Once you’ve decided on a design, install it to proceed to adding website elements.

Adding Content, Images and Media

9_adding content_smalliPage’s drag and drop builder tool which allows you to drag the elements (images, text, media) and drop to the location where you want it to be seen in your website. Take advantage of this to customize your site’s pages. Adding a web page is simple as adding a tab or “New Page”. Enter a name for the new page, which would appear at your website’s navigation bar. Continue modifying these pages according to your preferences. Just be sure that you are delivering easy-to-read information and avoid cramping up your website with too much media as doing so would slow down its loading speed for many of your potential visitors.

Publishing your Website

10_publishing&seo_smallWhen you’re contented with your final project, have a beta-test by having friends and acquaintances try out your website to identify issues or bugs which could be improved. Once you’ve finalized your website, market it and make it known online by enhancing its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability. Go to the “Advanced Settings” where in you could add a number of Meta keywords and a description of your website to enable more visitors to find you through a search engine. Enter appropriate tags which relates back to your website’s nature of business.

Overall, with all of these guidelines said, you’d be able to create a website that is both fully-functional and attractive. Have more questions? Keep in mind that you are free to access iPage’s knowledgebase for additional instructions and answers to your web-building related questions.

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