Does iPage support cron jobs?

Cron jobs has become a popular automation tool for website owners looking to increase the efficiency of running and growing their website. The tool allows users to schedule times for the system to perform maintanence and can also be used to schedule a command or script to be run at a specific time.

cron jobs

Web developers often count on the tool to ensure that their websites are running properly. For this reason, many web hosts throughout the industry support the use of cron jobs on their servers.

As far as iPage goes, it seems as if they do not currently support cron jobs for use by their users. While at one time they did, several users have made the complaint that they can no longer get the tool to work through iPage.

Interestingly enough, iPage has not made any type of public statement regarding the use of cron jobs on their site. Admins over at, however, have pointed out that the issue has been the fact that iPage has an IP restriction on EasyCron.

While the claim has been made that the restriction has been raised, users are still experiencing difficult with getting cron jobs set up on their iPage hosted website. At the end of the day, it seems as if iPage is not the best option for users that feel that cron jobs is a necessity.

If you are absolutely committed to both cron jobs and iPage hosting, the support team over at is extremely helpful. They also have a support log where you can get answers to a lot of potential questions regarding this topic.

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