Does iPage Support Drupal?

Yes. If you are interested in using Drupal as your content management system, iPage is a great option for doing so. Drupal is most commonly used as a CMS for users that have large websites with a lot of pages and users. Major websites like Warner Bros and even the White House use it as their CMS.


Installing Drupal is a fairly easy process and you can ask iPage’s support team to do it for you if necessary. If you want to do it on your own, you can do so using the Simple Scripts installer or by going to your control panel, locating the Mojo Marketplace, and then installing Drupal.

As far as support the support that iPage offers for Drupal, it is fairly limited as far as what they have to offer on their website. While their support staff can guide you through many of the basics associated with using the popular CMS, they tend to defer to the Drupal brand to provide third party support.

It should be noted that Drupal is known for having a very high quality customer service team and their library of helpful content is unmatched in the CMS industry. You can get answers for just about anything you need when it relates to using Drupal on iPage by searching through their forum or library of guides and articles related to the subject.

While iPage does not have the in-house customer support for Drupal that most would like, reports of technical issues associated with using the CMS are very rare. This, coupled with the fact that you can get answers to most of your support questions through Drupal’s main website, make iPage a solid option for users that plan on using Drupal as their CMS.

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