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Choosing the right web hosting company can be a challenge, especially with all of the choices on the market.

When you choose a web hosting service, one of your main goals should be to choose a web host that is going to provide you with the right amount of quality, sans the excessive price tag. One of the most economical options on the market is iPage. While this standard service is promising, it is also beneficial to know what other options you have and whether those options are better for you. Right now, we’re going to cover iPage and eHost.

Two Standard Options on the Market

There are many promising features in terms of both iPage and eHost, but it is important to realize that when looking at these two services, you’re reviewing some of the most standard options on the market.

As a result, both eHost and iPage are designed for the same market group, they just differentiate in areas in order to attract users. Since these are both standard services, you’ll find that both are great for hosting some of the following types of websites:

  • Newbie website owners
  • Small businesses
  • Those looking to host a blog
  • Starter sites

By choosing a standard web service, you’ll be able to manage costs better, while still getting a range of benefits. However, like most web hosting services, both eHost and iPage do differ in other areas.

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Is eHost Better for the Business Owner?

In terms of hosting for individual websites, both eHost and iPage give you pretty standard features, more of which will be discussed below. A different issue is whether or the other is better for the business owner. If you’re a business owner and are looking for a hosting service, then this an easy comparison chart to help you make a quick decision.

iPage eHost
Free Adwords Consumer Ranking Award Recipient
Protection of consumer information Free Online Store and eCommerce Solutions
Process credit card payments cPanel includes free online store
Shopping cart capabilities Paypal integration and shopping carts
$175 Free Facebook ad credits $100 credit for Paypal and Yahoo! for paid advertising
Unlimited Email Free Yellow page listings
Email Accounts are unlimited
Very easy email management with cPanel

Considering the factors above, it is clear that eHost is better in terms of providing services for the business owner. Unlike iPage, eHost provides the consumer with a range of advantages through numerous features. The only downside regarding eHost in terms of the business website is that iPage seems to provide better protection of customer information.

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iPage vs eHost vs HostGator

Now lets compare them to HostGator, which is also a household name in the hosting industry.

iPage eHost HostGator Baby Plan
Unlimited Website
Free Domain Free for the first year Free for life
Unlimited Email
1-Click WordPress Setup
45-Day Money Back Guarantee 30-Day
Monthly Payment
Free Website Templates
Control Panel vDeck cPanel cPanel
Visit Site iPage eHost HostGator
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Uptime Levels

For any website owner, uptime is an extremely important factor to verify. The better the uptime, the more likely it is that you won’t need to worry about your website visitors becoming dissatisfied and fleeing. Below are the uptime levels that you can expect for both services.

How Reliable is eHost?

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Failure to meet this standard means one month free
  • Uses two data centers: Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas
  • Data centers PCI compliant
  • Periodic server upgrades
  • CloudFlare Distribution Network – blocks static content from reaching websites
  • Users have experienced 100% uptime for days on end
  • Overall – very promising uptime reliability

How Reliable is iPage?

  • 99.9% level of uptime
  • No guarantee
  • Two data centers located in Boston, MA
  • Constant security
  • Pooled server storage

While both hosting servers offer excellent uptime, it seems that eHost gives you a better guarantee that the service is going to remain consistent. For example, eHost provides you with a guarantee, it upgrades its servers periodicall, and it even utilizes CDN and ensures that its data centers are PCI compliant.

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Service Features

Another factor you want to look at are the features that you’re going to receive. Since we’ve already covered the business features, below is what you can expect in terms of the site builder tool.

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vDeck versus cPanel

One of the main differences between iPage and eHost is the site building tool. iPage is a bit more different than other web hosting services in the sense that it provides its users with what is known as a vDeck, instead of the standard cPanel.

v-deck control panel

The vDeck is a type of control panel that many users find pretty easy to use, it just takes a bit of getting used to. With the vDeck, you’ll find that the control panel is extremely organized, with all of your icons appearing on one page. There is also a sidebar that you can customize, you can add a favorites section, and you can implement backup for your account just in case you’re worried about losing your data.

Unlike iPage, eHost uses the standard cPanel. The cPanel is designed for all users, regardless of whether you are a techie or someone who is just starting out. Due to the user-friendly interface, it is possible that you’ll find the cPanel easy to use. A few of the most prominent cPanel features include file management, domain management, server management, backup capabilities, and optimization.



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Finally, while price should not be a determinative factor in terms of the web hosting service that you choose, it should certainly be one that you take into account if you are trying to budget. Below are the pricing structures of both eHost and iPage.

iPage Pricing Structure

For most individuals, iPage wins out in the pricing department. With iPage, you can expect to page a standard $3.25 per month for the one and only type of package that they have. With the standard package, you can expect all of the above features expressed above, including:

  • 24/7 technical support by phone, chat, and email
  • SiteLock security
  • SSL certificate
  • High page load speeds
  • Free domain name
  • Free email

eHost Pricing Structure

eHost is currently on sale and it’s a pretty good deal. Right now, you can get eHost for a mere $2.75 per month. In addition to the features discussed above, eHost also provides you with:

  • Over 1,000 templates
  • Unlimited domain
  • Free domain name
  • Free email
  • Design suite
  • Marketing suite
  • Support suite

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Overall, both iPage and eHost are promising web hosting services. However, it seems that eHost performs just a bit better, especially when it comes to business capabilities and even pricing. If you’re looking for a truly economical option, then it seems that eHost is one that wins out.

Feel free to check my detailed reviews of iPage and eHost, as I believe they have the information you need to decide.

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