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When it comes to web hosting services, most recognize GoDaddy as one of the best services on the market, while iPage a slightly less large brand with a single focus – affordable web hosting. For comparison purposes, we’ll look at the entry-level/budget/affordable offerings from both companies where possible. With that said, GoDaddy is a bit less affordable vs iPage.

Regardless, the comparison is going to be made and while you may lean towards GoDaddy, there are still some worthwhile features to recognize when it comes to iPage. In addition, at least you’ll also be able to inform other individuals who are looking for web hosting about the options on the market and which one is best.

Brand Overview

Before choosing any brand, understanding the brand’s roots can be useful in determining whether or not it is a company that you want to invest in. Both GoDaddy and iPage were founded in the late 1990’s, which means that both brands have years of experience on the market.

This is an advantage, as it means that both have been able to withstand consumer demands, while still providing consistent services. Another similar feature between iPage and GoDaddy is that both brands are driven in terms of providing customers with great service. The main issue is that not both brands are able to meet the same standards.

Shared Hosting versus Domain Registration

If you’re looking to purchase a web hosting package, you’ll find that both offer different types of hosting. iPage’s web hosting services consists of a shared hosting package. While the shared hosting system allows the company to keep prices low, it also means that you may be required to compromise on quality. A shared hosting system specializes in serving a multitude of websites on one single server. In addition, with the shared hosting, you’ll also find that you’ll have to share a number of services with other users and that too much traffic on the server can cause the entire system to slow down.

On the other hand, GoDaddy does have an economy package that does offer shared hosting, but the shared hosting is not its focus. GoDaddy focuses on registering domains and providing numerous hosting packages. With this type of system, you can expect a more central hosting package that ensures that your website remains up and running, even if the server is going through a high traffic interval. Between the two types of systems, GoDaddy’s is the less risky option.

System Performance

How the web hosting performs is another crucial factor that you should look at. Between the two services, GoDaddy is the more powerful system. Those who use GoDaddy’s sytem are able to take advantage of GoDaddy’s website accelerator. The accelerator is a free feature and it operates through the global network. This means that your website not only works well in the United States, but worldwide.

On the other hand, iPage offers something similar, but it isn’t nearly as powerful. iPage’s main system performance features include a high level of security, backup systems in case of a natural disaster, and the like. With these features in place, you can feel more confident that the system is going to remain up and running, but the performance of the system may not be as powerful as what GoDaddy has to offer.

The User Interface

For every web host user, an incredibly important feature is the user interface. The user interface is what is going to determine how easy your experience with the web hosting service is. The easier the system, the greater the chance you won’t need to call customer service as much. When it comes to both iPage and GoDaddy, you’ll find that GoDaddy has a much more recognizable and easy to use interface. GoDaddy uses the standard cPanel for its interface and the cPanel includes many useful feature and tools.

One of the most significant drawbacks when it comes to iPage is its user interface. Unlike GoDaddy and other standard web hosting services, iPage has what is known as a vDek. The vDek is a control panel that can take time to get used to and for most users who are unfamiliar with the panel, there is a high learning curve to overcome. But, if you’re set on iPage as your web hosting service of choice, you should have no problem putting in the effort to conquer this particular user interface.

Note: If I could pick one thing I hate about GoDaddy, it’s that they try CONSTANTLY to upsell you on more products you don’t even need. If you’re using GoDaddy, watch out for them adding extra things to your shopping cart on your behalf – it’s up to you to notice and remove them so you don’t buy things you didn’t want.

The Features

When choosing a web hosting service, the features are another imperative point that you want to look at. In terms of both services, you’ll find that iPage gives you a bit more bang for your buck, so to say. iPage’s features include a free website building, free website security software, a domain that is free for the first year, unlimited disk space, unlimted email addresses, an SQL database, and $100 worth of Goodle and Bing/Yahoo Adwords. All of these features come with iPage’s essential plan.

On the other hand, GoDaddy differs in the sense that you don’t get a free website builder or a shopping cart. In terms of email addresses, you’re only regulated to 1000 of them. What you should keep in mind though is that unlike iPage, GoDaddy does offer a money-back guarantee that is indefinite. Essentially, if you aren’t pleased with the service, then you can get your money back at any time. This is a great feature if you are uncertain as to whether you prefer GoDaddy over iPage.

If you’re leaning toward iPage though, you are only eligible for a 30 day money back guarantee. Otherwise, if you don’t like the service and you cancel it after that 30 day period, they’ll give you a prorated refund for the number of months you didn’t use on your plan. That’s where the “anytime money back guarantee” comes from.

Server Uptime

Uptime is one of those notorious web hosting features that most web hosting services are careful about advertising – but only if the uptime isn’t what most users are expecting. Between both iPage and GoDaddy, you’ll find that GoDaddy wins out when it comes to uptime. GoDaddy’s uptime level is at 99.9 percent, which means that you don’t need to be worried about users not being able to access your webpage. This is essentially not only good for you, but also for your business if you are hosting an eCommerce website since downtime is one of the most effective ways to drive away potential buyers.

In terms of uptime, iPage is one of those hosting services that doesn’t like to advertise what it offers. This way, the hosting service does not need to meet a set standard when providing you with web hosting services. If you are concerned about the server going through downtime too frequently, then you might just want to reconsider iPage as a potential option.

Customer Support

Even with the best hosting service out there, troubles are bound to arise and when they do, you should be able to rely on the hosting service’s customer support team to pull you though in a reasonable time. Between both iPage and GoDaddy, you’ll find that they differ markedly in terms of quality of customer support. iPage is actually notorious for poor customer service. It offers three types of support- live chat, a ticketing system, and phone. The phone service is only for premium users.

The waiting time for a customer service representative to address your inquiry is about 10-20 minutes and for most people, this is a difficult time frame to deal with. In addition, those who have dealt with iPage’s customer support have been much less than impressed with the system’s ability to address their concerns.

Unlike iPage, GoDaddy provides stellar customer support to its users. Those who use GoDaddy can access the customer support team by phone, chat, and email 24/7. Inquiries are also responded to in a few minutes if you call or use phone support. Finally, another great feature is that those who speak with users are knowledgeable about the system and are able to help with nearly all concerns.


As you can imagine, iPage’s pricing structure is much better and more affordable than GoDaddy’s; and reasonably so, because you aren’t getting the same level or quality as you are getting with GoDaddy.

iPage offers a standard package at $2.75, while GoDaddy’s packages start at $2.24 a month and can go up to $7.49 a month for the ultimate package. We can still recommend iPage if you are looking for an affordable/budget web host.

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