iPage vs HostGator – Who Wins?

There are many hosting services on the market, but not every service is going to provide you with the same qualities and features for your needs.

The savvy approach to finding a hosting service is to find services that have fared well on the market that you can compare side by side. By doing this, you’ll find it much easier to find what you are looking for.

To help you get started, this particular post is going to cover two well-known hosting services on the market: iPage and HostGator.

While both of these services are have strong reliability ratings and uptime, there are many differences that may make you choose one over the other.

Your Choice Depends Upon the Purpose of Your Website

When choosing a hosting service, the first quality you should look at is what purpose the hosting service fulfills.

Some hosting services are designed to cater to websites that receive a massive influx of traffic, while others are better designed for small-scale blogs and promotional sites. As a result, differentiating the purpose of the hosting service can help lead to a better result for you and your expectations.

You Can Rely on HostGator for…

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Essentially – for any website you’re looking to host

You Can Rely on iPage for…

  • Blogs
  • Small business websites
  • Ecommerce sites

As you can tell, HostGator is much more diversified in terms of the types of hosting services that it offers. For instance, shared hosting is the most basic level of hosting available, while reseller hosting is geared towards individuals who are looking to create a large-scale ecommerce website.  On the other hand, VPS hosting is primarily for individuals who are looking for a high level of flexibility in terms of software installations, configurations, and custom software options. Lastly, dedicated hosting is the top choice for those who are looking to run a big business.

Of these hosting services, iPage has shared hosting and VPS hosting. Meaning, if you are looking for greater hosting capabilities, then HostGator may be the ideal option.

Shared and Separate Features

Another pertinent point to touch upon that may help you may your decision is to cover the main features you can expect to attain from each service. To give you a better sense of how the two compare side-by-side, the chart below should do the trick:

HostGator iPage
Server Located in Boston, MA Multiple Server Locations
Unlimited Emails Listing in directories
cPanel Platform vDesk Platform
Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited emails
Unlimited Bandwidth Adords are free
Shared SSL Certificate (unless best plan) Drag-and-Drop Site Builder Tool
100 Google Adwords Bonus Domain Name Registration free the first year

Speed Standards

Everybody is looking for faster page loading times – and that is a completely reasonable expectation. With a faster website, your visitors will be more satisfied in inclined to spend time browsing through what you have to offer. Between iPage and HostGator, you’ll find that HostGator is the stronger contender, even though both utilize data centers with and Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor.

HostGator Speed

After a speed test, the results are pretty promising. In most instances, you’ll find that a HostGator website load in a bout one second. While this type of result can also vary depending upon your location, the difference should not be significant whatsoever.

iPage Speed

Unlike HostGator, iPage takes just under 1.5 seconds to load. Compared to other standard web hosting services, it is still fast – just not fast enough to compete with HostGator. Again, this figure can vary slightly depending upon a number of factors, but overall 1.5 seems to be the general consensus.

Customer Support

No one likes to deal with customer support, especially when the support is subpar. Eventually though, you’re going to have to face that support representative, but there are a number of factors that can either make your experience more or less bearable. In terms of iPage and HostGator, it seems that the two are at the same level when it comes to support.

HostGator Support

One of the great features of HostGator is that it is still a hosting service that provides you with a range of options to contact them. You can contact HostGator through life chat, phone support, and its ticking system. If you’re a bit crunched on time and think you can handle reading through materials quickly, then you can also turn to their online tutorial guide that covers issues such as configuring a domain name and installing add-ons.

iPage Support

Similar to HostGator, iPage is also is pretty strong in the customer service department. iPage offers its users the opportunity to get in touch through chat, email, and phone support. For most people, calls take about a minute or two and there have been very few issues in regard to dissatisfaction.

As you can tell, the support features of each service are not what are going to push you to one of the other.

Security Features

A web hosting service with quality security features in place is imperative – especially if you are running an online shop. When looking at both iPage and HostGator, it seems that the two are just about at the same level.

HostGator Security

To protect the users on your website, HostGator can provide you with an array of options. One of its most popular is its DDoS attack (UDP flood). HostGator’s custom firewall also protects visitors from multiple attacks and when servers are particularly flooded, network flood protection kicks in. Furthermore, HostGator’s data center is extremely secure and access is restricted.

iPage Security

With iPage, you’re getting security – but through different features. iPage has SiteLock, which comes with every package. This security feature is ideal if you are concerned about spam or malware. Moreover, if SiteLock isn’t enough, then you can also get an SSL certificate added. Your most sensitive data will be safe and secure.

The Cost

Cost should never be a determinative factor in your decision, but it is still most likely relevant.

HostGator Packages

  • Hatchling plan allows you to host 1 website only.
  • Baby plan allows you to host unlimited websites on one account.
  • Business plan allows you to host unlimited websites on one account and you get free SSL, dedicated IP and toll free phone number

HostGator also offers VPS and Dedicated hosting.

iPage Packages

Overall, in terms of price, it seems that iPage is the better deal if you are looking for a standard web hosting package.

On the other hand, if you need something more serious like VPS or Dedicated hosting, while iPage does offer VPS and dedicated server hosting options, HostGator seems to be more popular in those categories.


Now that you have all of the facts, you can use the information to make a solid and fair determination in terms of what is best for you.

Both HostGator and iPage have some strong features, but ultimately – the one that you choose is dependent upon what you’re planning on doing with the hosting service.

If you need to host a high-traffic ecommerce site, then HostGator is ideal. On the other hand, if you’re looking to host a small business or persoanl site, then you may just want to stick with the value-driven hosting plans offered by iPage.

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