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When owning a website, one of your main concerns should be finding a proper web hosting service. With a quality service, you can feel confident that your website’s guests will face quick loading times, fast upload speeds, and a smoothly operating site.

If you’re like most website owners, you’re facing a dilemma when it comes to choosing a hosting service that suits the needs of your website. When making a consideration, you should think of the type of website you own, whether you need applications, the required software versions, and the traffic volume of your site. For instance, if you own a business site, then you’re going to need a hosting service that can handle your traffic to prevent your site from crashing. This particular review will look at two popular web hosting services: iPage and InMotion.

What iPage and InMotion are Suitable For…

When considering which web hosting service works best for you, you should first think of what type of website you own and the capabilities you need for that website. When it comes to InMotion and iPage, each web hosting service works best for a particular type of website.

iPage is best for:

  • Blog websites
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Small business hosting

InMotion is best for…

  • Ecommerce
  • Large scale business operations
  • WordPress hosting

While both iPage and InMotion are web hosting services that work well for business, InMotion is recognized as the type of service that can handle larger business capabilities. Through in motion, individuals can use InMotion’s specialized Business Hosting plan, which can provide hosting for nearly any type of business.

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Features and Capabilities

Your next consideration should be into the features and capabilities of the website. Since different websites require different capabilities, below is what you can expect when it comes to iPage and InMotion.

iPage InMotion
Weebly Drop and Drag website builder Free Website Builder
SQL Database and Unlimited Email Unlimited Email
Advertising and Marketing Credits for Free Free Domain
vDeck Panel cPanel
Unlimited Disk Space and Data Transfer Unlimited Bandwidth
Many Server Locations Three Server Locations
Money Back Guarantee 90 Day Money Back Guarntee
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Uptime Levels

When assessing the performance of a web hosting service, uptime levels should be another feature that you look at. The higher the uptime, the less of a chance your website’s visitors are going to visit a site that isn’t online or operating properly. Both iPage and InMotion claim to have quality uptime levels.

iPage Uptime and Sever Security

iPage’s Linux-based servers are provided with 24/7 security, N + 1 power, and are made of excellent network equipment and architecture. With such a secure server environment, those who use iPage’s web hosting can expect 99.9% uptime. Those who have used iPage for the long-term have experienced very little downtime, which means that by using iPage, you too can feel secure that 99.9 uptimeyour website is getting the quality service that it needs.

InMotion Uptime and Sever Security

InMotion utilizes Linux Dedicates severs. Their servers include a single and dual processor with SSD, which provides customers with flexibility and reliability. In addition, servers are managed 24/7 and are installed with LAMP stack. Similar to iPage, InMotion also provides 99.9% uptime that is fully guaranteed.

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Sever Speed

Like uptime, you need a web hosting service that provides your users with quick loading times. The faster the website loads, the more satisfied your website’s visitors will be. Below is an overview of the sever speeds of both iPage and InMotion.

iPage Sever Speed

iPage’s severs operate fairly well, providing users with a page that loads in just under 1.5 seconds. Compared to other web hosting services on the web, this sever speed is quite fast.

InMotion Sever Speed

While iPage’s loading speeds are fast, InMotion performs better. InMotion is known to achieve an average page load speed of about one minute. InMotion’s quick loading speeds can be attributed to its data centers, which are connected to a tier-1 ISP. Moreover, InMotion’s data centers also have route optimizers that have 20 gigabytes of connectivity and a 10 gigabyte Ethernet connection.

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Customer Support

Handling technical issues on your own can be extremely frustrating. As a result, you should choose a service that is able to handle your technical issues when you have a problem. Below is what you can expect when it comes to iPage’s and InMotion’s technical support.

iPage Technical Support

ipage_support iPage offers three options for technical support inquiries: telephone, email, and online chat. If you call in by phone or try to reach the team through chat, you can expect a pretty quick response time that averages below three minutes. Most technical support representatives are able to handle your inquiries, providing you with in-depth answers to your questions. In addition, technical support is available 24/7, just in case you have problems over the weekend.

InMotion Technical Support

InMotion prioritizes technical support issues. Upon registering with InMotion, customers receive an email that details how to get started. If at any time during the process or afterwards you have problems with InMotion, you can reach the service team through email, chat, and telephone. Similar to iPage, the response times are quick, averaging under five minutes. There is also a plethora of information available on the website in case you don’t have time to reach the support team.

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WordPress Hosting Comparison

wordpress hosting

If you own a WordPress website and are deciding between iPage and InMotion, then you’ll find InMotion to be the prime option. While iPage does have many features, InMotion’s features are particularly promising for any WordPress website. InMotion includes free tools that make it easy to develop your WordPress site. In addition, InMotion’s quick webpage loading speeds will make any WordPress site a pleasure to use and browse through.

Also, when you use InMotion for your WordPress site, you’ll be able to download the preinstall application, which allows you to get your WordPress site up and running quickly. You can also use InMotion’s backup feature to make sure that your websites are safe and secure. To utilize the backup feature, all you need to do is to click on InMotion’s “data restoration request” option.

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Cost Considerations

Cost is pertinent to any decision, although it should not be determinative of which web hosting service you choose.

iPage Cost

Unlike most other web hosting services, iPage provides users with one package and one simple cost. iPage costs $3.25 a month to use the standard package. You can cancel any time and if you aren’t pleased with the service, then you can also utilize the money-back guarantee.

InMotion Cost

InMotion’s costs are a bit more complicated. Rather than allow you a month-to-month option, InMotion requires that its users choose between a 24 and 12 month plan. The basic package costs $3.99, the intermediate package costs $4.49, and the most advanced package costs $13.99. With differences that are not so substantial between the intermediate and basic package, it may be best to opt for the intermediate package since you’ll get more capabilities and features.

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Both InMotion and iPage are stellar services, but the option that you choose really depends upon what you are looking for and your budget. If you are simply building a blog or a small business with a normal amount of traffic, then iPage is your ideal option.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a website that has high traffic and requires features suitable for business, then InMotion is probably better. You’ll pay more for InMotion, but the quick loading speeds, uptime, and technical support make it well worth your while.

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