iPage vs. SquareSpace

As a website owner, one of your main concerns should be finding the right web hosting service. At least with the right hosting service, you can feel secure that your website is going to run consistently, load quickly, and provide users with a quality website experience.

Compared to iPage, SquareSpace is a newer service on the market. It has been able to gain a reputation in the industry though its strong publicity efforts, marketing videos, and rich website examples. With over 1.8 websites under its management, SquareSpace is a worthy contender to iPage’s equally well-defined features and excellent user experience.

What SquareSpace and iPage are Ideal For…

There are many features to be aware of when it comes to a hosting service, but one of the main considerations that you should take into account is whether the web hosting service works well for the website you own.

SquareSpace is best for…

  • Blogs
  • Modern websites
  • Medium traffic sites
  • Some Ecommerce

iPage is Ideal for…

  • Business sites
  • Regular websites
  • Small Businesses
  • High traffic sites

Between iPage and SquareSpace, it is apparent that SquareSpace is designed for traditional websites that are looking for a modern and sleek appeal. With its many template options, those who choose SquareSpace can tap into the tools and resources they need for a glowing website. On the other hand, for those who own a business website and require ecommerce functions, then iPage is the optimal choice.

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iPage and SquareSpace Features

A side-by-side comparison of a web hosting services features is the easiest way to see what you’re getting with the service and how the features compare to one another.

iPage SquareSpace
Security Suite and Linux Based Servers Blog Building Tools
Free Domain Name Domain Name – with Charge
Drag and Drop Website Builder by Weebly Widgets and Ad on Features
Scalable Bandwidth Limited Ecommerce Plan
Unlimited Storage Space Visitor Statistics
Unlimited SQL Database Unlimited Storage space
vDesk Many Templates to Choose From

There are notable differences between the features that iPage and SquareSpace offer. Between the two, iPage offers you more technical features and many of them free. For example, with iPage, you can attain unlimited storage space and a domain name, each at no extra cost. On the other hand, Squarespace charges you for a domain name and many of their ad on widgets also come at a cost. Therefore, iPage seems to be a more economical option if you are looking for an array of features.

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Speed and Server Quality

One of the most important features of any website is the ability of the site to provide users with quick loading times. The faster your site and its webpages load, the higher the chance your website will retain consistent traffic levels. As a result, you should opt for a web hosting service that can provide you with quality in this area.


iPage Speed and Servers

iPage has two data centers located on the East Coast. With 2,400 square feet of space, N+1 power, and advanced architecture and equipment, networks are extremely secure. The quality of iPage’s network infrastructure is what provides users with some of the quickest webpage loading speeds on the web. Those who use iPage can expect their webpage to load in less than 1.5 minutes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of SquareSpace’s service.

Squarespace Speed and Servers

SquareSpace’s webpage load times and site speed has been so poor that the company has had to issue numerous messages to its clients regarding improvements. Many have attributed SquareSpace’s slow load times with how its CMS is constructed, especially for the lower tier plans. If you’d like to avoid issues altogether though, you may want to consider a different service.

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Customer Support Capabilities

Even the most knowledgeable website owners come into contact with technical issues that they cannot handle on their own. As a result, it is important to find a web hosting service that can provide you with the quality support that you need to get your website running to your expectations.

iPage Support

iPage’s technical support team is available 24/7 to handle all of your inquiries. Users can reach the support team through email, chat, and phone support. Most inquiries are answered within a few minutes. If you aren’t available to chat with the team, then you can check iPage’s website for the information that you are looking for.

SquareSpace Support

The manner of which you can reach SquareSpace’s support team is limited. To reach their team, you’ll need to either send an email or try live chat. SquareSpace does not offer the most convenient form of support, which is by phone. On a promising note, Squarespace’s support is available 24/7. In addition, SquareSpace offers many online tutorials to help you with any questions if you aren’t able to reach a support agent.

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Server Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important features that you should look into when choosing a web hosting service. Both iPage and SquareSpace are vastly different when it comes to uptime.

iPage Uptime

iPage’s uptime is highly reliable. With iPage, users experience 99.9% uptime levels, which is also safeguarded by an uptime guarantee by iPage.

SquareSpace Uptime

Unlike iPage and many other web hosting services, SquareSpace is not particularly recognized for great uptime. The web hosting service has experienced technical issues that have caused its site to go offline far more than acceptable. As a result, it isn’t as reliable as other services on the market.

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Design and Templates

If there is any area that SquareSpace excels in compared to iPage, it is in design and templates available. SquareSpace is known for its beautiful and sleek templates, which there are plenty of. When designing your site, you can choose a cover for your template, there are tutorials to help you, and their website building tool includes features that are great for bloggers, restaurants, designers, portfolios, and photographers.


Despite these advantages, it seems that SquareSpace’s web hosting service is mainly geared toward the aesthetics of a site, and not its functioning.

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Finally, there is the cost to take into consideration. While cost should not be the main factor that influences your decision, it should be at least be in part. Below are the costs involved for both iPage and SquareSpace.

iPage Cost

iPage is perhaps one of the most economical and promising options available, especially with the quality and features involved. Those who sign up with iPage only have one package available and that package costs $3.25 per month.

Squarespace Cost

Compared to iPage, SquareSpace is a lot more costly. Those who use Squarespace have three package options available. The most basic package runs $60 to $96 per year, the Landing Page plan costs $96 to $216 per year, while the Business Plan costs $216 to $312 per year. Overall, with SquareSpace, you’re paying a lot more for fewer features which have added costs and you’re also paying more for a less reliable service.

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In sum, iPage is a much more reliable service that provides you with many more functional features. If anything, SquareSpace is best for websites that are looking for aesthetic features. However, even with iPage, you can design a beautiful and aesthetic site too.

As a result, between iPage and SquareSpace, it may be best to opt for the best service between the two, which is clearly iPage. Finally, even with iPage, you won’t need to pay for the additional features that SquareSpace charges you for – despite its unreasonably high price per year that lacks any quality guarantees.

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