iPage’s Automated Backup vs. Free Plugin BackWPUp

Backing up your website is an essential part of owning a website. By backing up your site, you can protect your content and other pertinent information. With iPage, there are a few ways that you can back up your website. The two most common options are to either use iPage’s automated backup system or to use a free plugin such as BackWPUp. If you are currently contemplating which option is best, then look no further. Below is a comparative overview of each option’s features so that you can choose which one works best for you.

iPage Automated Backup – Main Features

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The best way to review a backup service is to review what that service entails. Here is what you can expect with iPage’s automated backup:

  • System Restore

System restore is one of the backup system’s main security features. With this capability, you can back up all of your files, system settings, and the records that you designate on a certain date. With this restore option, you do not need to rely on your hard drive to protect your system.

  • Backups are Automatic

Another feature of this system is that all backups are automatic. You can restore your system from an existing date or from the most recent automatic backup. Users can also choose when they want to back up their system if they go through the manual process.

  • Yearly Fee

Finally, the backup option costs $12.95 for the first year. This is the first price for the first year and after that, you will be required to pay $16.95.

Overall, the iPage backup option is easy to use, it is efficient, and the price is not too bad either.

But… did you know there are plenty of free options available if you are making your site with WordPress on iPage?

Let’s take a look at the free plugin BackWPUp. It’s my favorite and I use it on all my sites for automatic daily backup. 🙂

Free WordPress Plugin – BackWPUp


This particular backup option is for WordPress websites. It backs up all of your content so that you can restore it if necessary at some point. Yet there are some difficulties with the restoration process. Here are the features that this system includes:

  • Scheduled Backups

Unlike WordPress’s automatic backups, this program requires you to schedule when you want your files to back up. Sometimes, users have issues with the programmed back up not running.

  • Backup Restoration

Oddly enough, this program also does not have a feature that allows you to restore your backups.

  • Ease of Use

A final point to note about this backup option is that iPage’s backup may be easier to use since it requires no setup, it runs when scheduled, and you can restore your page using the backup files that you have.

With that said, I still strongly recommend you check out this backup plugin to use for your WordPress site on iPage, because it’s free and does everything you could need for automated backup.

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