How does iPage’s Identity Theft Protection actually protect me?

The increase in cyber crime in recent years has led to a new emphasis being placed on the security of websites. This emphasis has especially been seen with websites that regularly perform business transactions with credit cards and other sensitive financial data. One web host that has made security a top priority is iPage.

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It should be noted that iPage does not currently have identity theft protection built into any of their plans. In addition, they also do not offer identity theft protection as an add-on service. The reasoning for this is because the intention of iPage is to be a web host that is as simple and easy-to-use as possible.

Instead of offering identity theft protection, they use SSL certificates to ensure the safety of any and all sensitive data. An SSL is generally used to make sure that all business transactions that run through your site are secure from potential hackers or malicious software.

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In addition to the SSL certificate, iPage has also created an entire security suite that allows you to continually keep watch over your site. This suite includes a daily malware scan, daily spam scan, use of a highly secure data center, constant network scanning, and business verification. A security certification will also be placed on your site to deliver peace of mind to potential customers.

You should be aware that the SSL certificate is not included with most of the plans that iPage offers. For plans that do not include a certificate, you can purchase one directly from iPage for a price of $31.99/year. It should be reiterated that you cannot do business transactions online without the SSL certificate.

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