How many domains/websites can I host on one iPage account? Multiple sites or not?

iPage, like most other web hosts, allows users to host unlimited domains for each account.

Here’s the catch:”Unlimited” means different things at different hosts… It is actually quite confusing when trying to find how iPage handles the use of different domains on a single account. Some users, mostly those that are only creating one or two extra sites, have mentioned that doing so is a fairly easy process and that they did not notice any changes in site performance.

Other users, the majority of which were creating several extra sites, noticed that there were quite a few headaches associated with doing so along with a significant decrease in site performance. So, at the end of the day, it seems that creating 2-3 extra sites can be done with few issues while, if you want to host many sites on one account, you are better off researching options in reseller hosting like HostGator rather than entry level, budget hosting plans like iPage’s essential plan.

I use and recommend HostGator to my clients because they offer quality hosting, and a month to month payment option on all plans.


HostGator’s Baby plan is a very popular choice and can easily handle several websites on one account before you would need to upgrade to a higher performance account like the Business plan.

Use coupon code BUILDPATH to get 60% off any plan at HostGator, with month-to-month payment and no contract.

Already Got An iPage Account? Here’s How To Add Another Website To It:

If you are looking to add a domain to your current account, the process is fairly simple as you can do so following these short steps:

Step #1 – Click the File Manager link on the control panel.

Step #2 – On the Manage Files sidebar, click New Directory and enter the name of your website.

Step #3 – On the Domain tab of the drop down menu, choose the Domain Pointing Manager link.

Step #4 – From here, you should see a list of your current registered domains. On the list where your new domain has been entered, go to the drop down menu and choose Subdirectory. In the Points To box, type the name of your new domain and save your settings.

Step #5 – Go back to the drop down menu and choose the FTP link from the Website tab.

Step #6 – Go to Create New FTP Account and choose a new username and password. From there, put the name of your new domain in the FTP (Home) Directory type.

Going through this process should get you up and running with a new domain. For more information regarding the process or if you are having issues, your best bet is to get in contact with iPage’s customer support team.

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