Top Customer Complaints About iPage Hosting

Every web hosting service has its issues and expecting perfection from any web hosting service is unreasonable. At the same time, when you are experiencing frequent problems that seem to only get worse, you may find that it’s time to switch to a more reliable web hosting service. One particular service that many website owners are buzzing about is iPage. Since you are likely wary regarding signing up for any web hosting service, it may help to review the most common issues that arise with the web hosting service beforehand.

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Here are some of iPage’s top customer complaints:

Poor Technical Support

phonePoor customer support is one of the biggest frustrations customers face in the web hosting industry. I think the simple truth here is that iPage has good customer support considering how large the company is. So, the reality is you will never get the same level of customer support from iPage that you could from a smaller company like or TMDHosting for example.

If you search reviews online, you’ll find customers of iPage who experienced lost or forgotten service tickets and have also received misinformation from the support staff. Many attribute these issues to iPage outsourcing their chat support to India. Therefore, if you want better support, service, and knowledgably staff, send iPage an email at support(at) or call the number on the home page.

Intro Pricing Ends When Your Contract Ends

money3If you sign up for a 1, 2 or 3 year contract for iPage today, you are of course locking in that rate for the whole contract period because you prepay the entire contract.

If you buy 2 years at $2.75/mo pricing, then when the 2 years are up and it’s renewal time, you will have to renew at a new price which will not be as low as the introductory price you initially purchased at.

For example, iPage’s introductory rate is under $3, but to renew, you are looking at a monthly fee of almost $9 if you want to keep your account.

Website Issues

website2Some users who have tried out iPage also complain that their website doesn’t work. After signing up for the service and creating their site, many were unable to see their site online. This is sometimes user error, and sometimes it’s truly iPage’s fault.  To make matters worse, the support staff was unable to resolve the issue or provide an answer as to why the problem was occurring.

At the end of the day, customers facing this issue ended up having to cancel their accounts and get refunds as per iPage’s money-back guarantee.


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    Kamal Moinuddin February 14, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Very frustrated with the Manila support center and the lack of their level 1 or Supervisor level understanding and willing to help a paying customer like myself.

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