What is iPage’s Domain Privacy Option and Why Would I Want It?

In general, iPage offers its users a range of great web hosting tools and options. For those who are registering a domain or multiple domains through iPage, another consideration is to potentially opt for a domain privacy tool. If you are curious about this tool and whether it will prove useful for your web hosting needs, here is an overview of what you can expect:


Privacy and Protection

1iPage’s domain privacy tool offers users the opportunity to gain additional security for their personal information. Without a privacy tool, registration of a domain name enables other web users to view the registrant’s name, address, and phone number in the public database. On the other hand, the web privacy tool blocks this information, providing you with more security.

How the Domain Privacy Tool Works

The domain privacy tool is very easy to use. Once you install the tool, personal information, administrative, billing, and technical contacts are all shielded with generic information within the database. Despite the coverage, you are still the sole owner of the domain name and retain all rights to the domain.

Correct Information

If you do decide to use the domain privacy tool, it is imperative that you enter all correct information at the onset of registering your domain. Entering correct information, despite it being basked at some point, will ensure that your domain is not locked by the system.

What Domain Privacy Protects You From

Once you get started with iPage’s domain privacy tool, you will be protected from unwanted spam, fraud, talkers, identity theft, and stalkers. While these advantages certain may not seem necessary for most individuals, having this type of protection is actually essential. Your personal information is highly accessible through the domain registration database and it never is worth the risk.

Associated Cost

costThe cost to use this domain privacy service is $9.99 per year. Overall, the cost is fair compared to other web hosting services and the advantages of the service also justify what you are paying for. The protection lasts 24 hours a day for a full year. After the first year, the cost may increase- although there currently is no confirmation regarding that issue from iPage. Regardless, it can be helpful to be aware of what may potentially happen.



Overall, iPage’s domain privacy option is a highly worthwhile option that you should take advantage of. With this service, you can feel confident that your personal information will not be accessed by individuals that can use your information for negative purposes. Also, the service is very easy to get started with and starts automatically upon registration.

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