What PHP version does iPage offer?

phpPHP is one of the more commonly used scripting languages for web
site owners seeking a fast and flexible option for web development. As one of the older web hosts in the industry, iPage makes a solid effort to ensure that they fully support PHP in every way possible.

As users familiar with PHP know, the scripting language is generally updated on a quarterly basis. While most updates are not dramatic, this can make it difficult for web hosts to keep up with the constant changes.

Fortunately, iPage actually allows you to choose which version of PHP you would like to use. Currently, they allow you to choose between PHP version 7.0 and most of the 5 versions (including 5.6 and 5.5).


It should be noted that the versions of PHP that iPage offers changes consistently with the constant changes made to the scripting language. iPage is usually fairly good about letting users know when changes will be occurring.

iPage is actually one of the few web hosts that will allow you to rotate between different versions of a scripting language. With most providers, you are forced to adapt immediately as versions change and the web host updates their settings.

This is yet another reason that iPage has consistently been named one of the top web hosts for users that prefer PHP. That, combined with the tremendous value provided, makes iPage a great option for web developers and users looking to grow their website.

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