What Plans Does iPage Offer?

For most website owners who are looking to expand and grow their website over time, a web hosting service with a number of plans is ideal. A hosting service with a variety of offerings enables one to take advantage of multiple features, more space, and additional capabilities.

If you are currently considering iPage as an option, then it’s important to recognize that there is only one plan involved with this webhosting service. As many dissatisfied users have complained about, the package limitations make it difficult to grow a website. As a result, switching web hosting services is necessary.

On the other hand, if you are able to come to terms that iPage only has one service, then here is an overview of what you can expect in terms of cost and features.

The Cost of the Plan


Price is important to everyone, which is why we are going to cover it first. iPage currently offers its “Essential” and only plan for $2.68 per month. Considering all of the features that you receive with this web hosting service, it really does sound like a good deal. Keep in mind though that the first rate you pay with iPage and that continues for 12 months is only the “newbie” rate.

If you decide to renew your iPage account, you will be charged the regular monthly fee for existing customers, which is $9.99 per month. This cost does not reflect the addition of domains, which are $15.99 at the regular price. The cost also doesn’t reflect any other initial features that you may need to pay for once your introduction benefits end.

Marketing Suite


iPage’s plan include a number of features, but one of the best is the marketing suite. At a value of over $300, iPage includes Google Adwords Information, YellowPages listings, website analytic software, and a website authentication seal.

Design Suite


In addition to a marketing suite, users also receive a blog, photo gallery, online store, and templates for their website builder, all at over a $30 value.

Website Builder and Reliability

Finally, iPage also offers its own version of Weebly that you can use to create your own website. The tool allows you to drag and drop. Additionally, this tool includes various templates, password protection features, and more. With these capabilities, building your website really is a breeze. Once you get your website up and running, you will find iPage’s uptime and speed to be quite reliable. Keep in mind though that if you expect unusually high traffic to your website, you may experience less reliability, especially during peak times. Ultimately, websites that are looking for more advanced features and better accommodations for traffic should review other options. Otherwise, iPage is great for blogs, portfolios, and small e-commerce sites.

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