Improve Your Navigation – 10 Best WordPress Menu Plugins

WordPress menu plugins allow you to get more control of the navigation on your WordPress-powered website/blog, both when it comes to look and feel, functionality and administration. One of the latest web design trends is the use of responsive layouts to make sites mobile-friendly, and this also introduces new requirements to web navigation design. Additionally, more and more websites use mega menus to ease navigation and promote important content more effectively.

Navigation is a vital part of web design, but it’s not as easy to get right as most people think. Making sure your visitors navigate effectively and find what they’re looking for is a top priority, and design and functionality must be perfectly aligned with the content.

There are a lot of cool WordPress menu plugins you can use to set up the navigation style and menus you want. In this article, we’re sharing some of the best plugins available online. You’ll find various types and layouts among the available plugins, so we hope you find the one you’re looking for.


UI – Pro Simple Metro Style Navigation Bar


With this simple WordPress menu plugin, you can easily create Metro (now called Windows 8 UI) style navigation bars. The plugin comes with the icon pack called ‘Iconic’ by P.J. Onori, which you can effortlessly set with CSS classes, or you can use your own image URL. This plugin has minimal features and options as it has been created for webmasters who need similar functionality on their website(s).

jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

jQuery Vertical

This menu plugin for WordPress creates a widget which allows users to add fly-out vertical mega menus from any standard WP custom menu using jQuery. It can handle multiple vertical mega menus on each page and offers 3 animation effects: Show/Hide, Fade In, and Slide Out. The plugin also gives the option of selecting right or left for the fly-out menu, depending on where your side column is.

WP Sticky Menu Plugin

Sticky Menu

WP Sticky Menu Plugin comes with 8 different styling options, plain, shiny and transparent. When you want your own style based on your theme, you can easily change a few CSS lines and it’s just as you wanted it. Each style can be selected through the Sticky Menu Option panel. Here, you can also select the alignment of the menu, the width of the menu, the animation effect for the menu sliders, etc.

Unlimited CSS3 Buttons


This WordPress menu plugin by CodeCanyon enables web designers and developers to enhance their websites using the latest CSS3 technology.  It provides robust elements that work perfectly with all modern browsers.

Admin Menu Tree Page View

Admin Menu

By using this WordPress menu plugin, you can easily add links to view pages directly from the Admin panel, add pages directly after or inside another post, view the page hierarchy, view all pages and change the order of the pages with drag-and-drop interface, and more.


Quick Navigation Panel

Quick Nav

This menu plugin for WordPress helps your site visitors navigate more quickly. It shows the panel on the bottom of the screen where the following blocks are placed – pages, categories, archive, authors, tags, search field, etc. With these, your visitors don’t have to keep on scrolling up and down to find where the pages of the website are placed or where the list of categories of the website is placed, and so on.


Menu Add-in

This is a great plugin to create menus for your WordPress-powered site. It works in combination with AllWebMenus Pro, a desktop application from Iikno software and allows you to create custom menus from your site’s structure, add external links, customize colors and behavior, and many more.

WP Menu Creator

Menu Maker

This is probably the easiest and most configurable menu plugins for WordPress. Users can create as many menus as they want from within the plugin’s panel and you can place them in the template by using the template tags provided by the plugin. Users can create nested menus with sub-items using internal and external resources and create cascading menus. You can also create cascading level by using the appropriate template tag.


Path Style Menu


This multilevel menu inspired by Path 2.0 UI has sky-rocketed the Path application in the App store, proving that a distinctive UI can really give you the edge in a competitive marketplace with similar products. This menu plugin brings you the same simplicity of the Path-based menu using minimal CSS3 and JavaScript, and it has no external dependencies.

Admin Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menu

This is a very helpful menu plugin that’s useful for WordPress administration since it replaces the typical admin menu found on WordPress Admin panel into an easy-to-use, customizable drop-down menu. Even though it is of no use for the frontend, this menu plugin is a must-have for productive environments.

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