Interserver.Net Interview: We Asked Mike Lavrik & CEO Their Trade Secret To Compete Head-On With The Big Guns

So you want to start a blog but don’t know where to start?

Your business is new but you are not sure who to trust with your webhosting service?

The competition might be intense, however only a few companies stand out from the rest.

Hosting companies are on each other’s throats trying to win over customers.

They come up with gimmicks, freebies, and discounts to lure customers. However, to whom do you intend to put your faith in?

If you haven’t decided yet, then you might want to hang tight for a quick Q&A with one of the best web service on the web!

Today we have Mike Lavrik from

He’s with us today to answer your questions about webhosting and the services they offer. Let’s get it started shall we!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you Mike.

First, we’d like to know more about as a company.

Can you give us a short overview of’s origins and the people behind it?

InterServer began in 1999 when we had purchased a single domain name and a virtual hosting reseller account. The company was co-founded by my partner John and me going back seventeen years ago when we both were still in high-school. Our primary vision for our company was to provide webhosting at an affordable price, but at the same time maintain a high level of service and support. has been providing the same services for the last 17 years. Based on the company’s almost 2 decades of experience, what do you think are the most common features that people look for in a web host? What has changed in webhosting over the years?

The most common features that customers look for in a web host are as follows: price, speed, and around the clock customer support. We have built our business through providing solid support and as our customers grew we in turn grew along with them. We understood the ever so changing competitive landscape within our industry and watched other companies grow at rapid rates, without having the support piece fully in place, which in turn impacted their long term reputation. It’s safe to say we have seen our fair share of change both good and bad over the last 17 years, however our goal has always been to grow steadily while retaining our customers which is how we ultimately gauge our success.

30_day_guaranteeThere are a lot of webhosting services in the market today. Each has its own set of features and freebies. The competition is really trying their best to win over the customers. Do you mind giving us a few reasons why people should choose over the competition? What is your edge against the other webhosting giants?

I’m personally not big on gimmicks which usually turn into some lengthy contract that you enter into without even realizing it. That’s why we keep it simple without a lot of fluff. We offer a price lock guarantee which means your sign up rate will remain your permanent rate for the lifetime of your account. We also do not ask of our customers to enter into a contract for any service we offer. All of our advertised rates are offered on a month to month pricing plan allowing our customers the freedom to come and go as they please. Lastly we do not charge for support. We do not have upsells that require you to pay for support packages which means all customers are eligible for the same level of support whether they have a web hosting account or a dedicated server.

Do you mind giving us a quick rundown of’s major offerings?

InterServer’s major offerings include: is known to be one of the most affordable webhosting services in the market. You are quite famous for your great customer service too. How do you maintain such a good reputation without losing money? What are the company’s goals?

We own and operate our data centers making us a one stop shop. Our goal from the get go was to operate in the most streamlined and efficient way as possible in order to allow us to offer competitive rates. We spend less time and resources on marketing/advertising and have always preferred to invest in our service and support teams which we believe to be our greatest asset.

Interserver Customer SupportOn behalf of our readers, can you tell us the target market for your Webhosting plans and which ones would be best suited for their business needs?

We have a global target market with a wide range of users with a wide variety of needs. Our customers span from bloggers, students, developers, webmasters, e-commerce businesses, day traders, gaming sites and the list goes on. Having our own datacenter allows us the resources needed to support a wide range of hosting customers. In addition our team is on site 24/7 to walk customers through the process each step of the way.

Is it true you offer free migration of site not matter how large the site is? Not only that, you free WordPress support as well?

Yes, we actually have a team that fully focuses on migrations in order to ensure that the process is seamless. It is complimentary for cPanel to cPanel servers. We also offer free migrations for shared hosting accounts, reseller hosting, and server to server migration. For non cPanel systems we do copy the files in FTP over to the new account.

We offer each and every customer around the clock customer support that is available by email, live chat, ticketing system, or by phone.

Suppose a newbie entrepreneur wants to venture in his first website, but has no prior experience doing so. How would you go and assist this customer? What would be the best advice you can offer? And what webhosting plan would suit him best?

When starting out I would suggest beginning with a shared hosting account. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics of hosting before committing to anything much more advanced. With this plan type users do not have to worry about server maintenance and configurations. This is a perfect option for someone with minimal technical skills, while still having the resources to run and operate their website. For $5 a month, it’s an affordable and sufficient option for any beginner.

Most entrepreneurs are scared of getting their security compromised. How do you keep hackers from accessing your sites? What security measures have you taken?

My partner John who also serves as CTO has spent a better half of the last 17 years focused on security as a whole. As a result of his efforts we have built in security in our web servers that actively monitors intrusion detection, malware and vulnerable scripts. Additionally, we take daily and weekly backups of user’s data as a preventative measure. Lastly our support team has been trained to look for suspicious activity and immediately react by cleaning it up.

interserver_securityAs mentioned earlier, your reviews have been great and most customers are satisfied with the services you offer. Suppose a customer from the other side of the world signs up for your services, how do you keep the same level of service you have provided to your local customers? Does your webhosting service extend to other parts of the globe?

Being that we serve customers worldwide we have taken on the additional resources needed to meet our demand. We actually have a Los Angeles location which primarily caters to our customers located throughout Asia. Each and every step we take is in an effort to remain customer centric. We have customers spread across each continent all of whom require support in order to run their respective businesses. Our job is to ensure that whether it’s 3am in Tokyo or 11pm in New York that each customer is given the same level of support within a timely manner.

Our office and data centers are all in one location and our facility is staffed 24/7 in order to make sure support readily available.

We will let you go with our final question:

Do you offer discount codes our readers can take advantage? Or do you have upcoming events you’d like to share?

Our current discount code right now your readers can take advantage of is “TRYINTERSERVER”. It is an exclusive offer to those who visit our website and want to try our services for one month at the amazing low price of one cent.
Readers, any comments or suggestions? Post them in the comment section below.

Thank you Mike for answering our questions and we wish you luck in your future endeavors!

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! I hope this helped you know more about and the services they offer

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