Interview With Craig Fox – CEO Of PinnacleCart

craig-foxDoes your business don’t have any internet exposure?

Do you want to start an eCommerce website but don’t know where to start?

Worry no more! We have set up an interview with PinnacleCart, one of the easiest eCommerce platforms to ever hit the market.

PinnacleCart is an excellent option for both beginner merchants and large sellers with years of experience. But why is PinnacleCart the best in the business?

Let’s find out!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you Craig. First of all, can you give a short overview of PinnacleCart and the people behind the company.

PinnacleCart is an extremely powerful PHP shopping cart and website builder software designed to drive traffic and increase sales. It had started in 2003 and had deployed more than 35,000 successful online stores. PinnacleCart was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in internet marketing and business development.

Based on the company’s combined expertise, what do you think makes a eCommerce Platform good? What should you look for in one?

The ability to customize the platform to meet the needs of a business is what makes an eCommerce platform good. Now days most of the major platforms have the same fundamental features, so from that aspect, we all look and operate a lot alike. Finding one that is truly customizable and can grow and adapt as a business changes – that’s the key.

What do you think is the best feature of an eCommerce Platform? How does this feature help business owners achiever results?

It’s very tough to single out one feature as the “best” feature in the platform as every business has different needs. That said, we do get quite a bit of positive feedback on our Shopping Cart Abandonment tool. It helps businesses recover sales from customers who have decided not to purchase after adding items to their cart. According to industry experts, over 70% of shoppers will abandon their carts for one reason or another. Our automated abandonment tool works to bring those users back to complete their order.


There are a lot of eCommerce platforms in the market today. Each eCommerce platform offering a different set of features, gimmicks and freebies to attract customers. Can you tell us we should choose PinnacleCart over the rest?

You’re right, there are a lot. While we all build on the same fundamental features, every eCommerce application will have their own set of unique tools, designed to help customers grow their business. What sets PinnacleCart apart is – a couple of things. First, we don’t nickle and dime our merchants on features. All of our clients have access to all of the applications over 450 features. Second, though many claim to, we are one of the only applications that allow merchants the ability to completely customize the platform to meet the needs of their business. And third, we offer eCommerce services such as design, development, marketing, content development, customer service, live chat and more. We’ve been doing this for over 12 years and the one thing that we find keeping merchants from being successful is lack of resources. In response, we’ve created a division within our organization that is dedicated to helping eCommerce merchants design, develop and market their store successfully.

Do you mind giving us a quick breakdown of PinnacleCart’s major offerings?

First and foremost, we’re an eCommerce solution. That means our software helps build and design an online store, covering every aspect from products and marketing to payments, shipping, social media, taxes, order management, reports, and much more. In addition, we offer:

 Free customer service
Free professionally designed templates
Design and development services
SSL (Security Certificates)
Quickbooks and other integrations
Domain name registration services
Marketing and customer support services
Product Syndication (get listed on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc)
Facebook store
Mobile ready store
Over 30 payment gateways and works with all major shipping carriers

This is just an overview. We have over 450 marketing focused features that are designed to increase organic traffic, overall sales and the average sale amount.


Can you tell us which plans will work for whom? What is your target audience for each plan you offer?

We have a variety of hosted solutions. They start at just $29.95 per month, for the small or new business owner, but go all the way up to enterprise traffic needs. We don’t charge any transactions fees and all pricing packages come with a webstore, mobile and Facebook store. Like most platforms, the difference in pricing largely depends on the number of products that’s being sold and the amount of traffic a store receives.

Our most popular plan is our Entrepreneur Plan. We service all types of business, however, from SMB home-based companies to large multi-million dollar organizations.

PinnacleCart’s eCommerce platform is one of the easiest to use compared to others on the market. So it’s true you don’t need a professional to set up your site? Are non tech savvy entrepreneurs able to set them up themselves?

That is true. We’ve made the user interface very intuitive and easy to understand so even non tech savvy individuals can use it. Companies and busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time to learn complex and confusing software. They want to focus on sales and growing their businesses. If they do run into issues, we have a seasoned team of customer service professionals who are willing and able to assist. We even offer marketing services for companies who either a) don’t have the time or b) don’t know the ins and outs of getting qualified traffic to their stores. Our goal is to have everyone that uses PinnacleCart to be successful.


Supposing I am a newbie entrepreneur, where do I start? How do I go about setting up my own site? What are the pros and cons of this easy to use set up?

My advice is to always start a new project with research. Develop a game plan for success. What are you interested in selling? Does it sell well in the current market or does it have too much competition? Who is your target audience going to be? There are many questions you’ll need to ask and research while developing your business plan.

It can be overwhelming, and many will get stuck, just in the planning process. If this is true for you, don’t worry. Our software and professional services team can help. Once you’ve completed your research, it’s time to think of and purchase a domain name. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to get a find .com so be prepared to get one use another domain extension or look at buying the one you want though a broker. I recommend using or another domain name generator to save yourself some time. Once your domain name is secure, it’s time to find your eCommerce platform. Of course, I recommend PinnacleCart, but do your research. Make sure that the platform you select will work for your business now and in the future. Once you sign-up, start the process of designing your store. PinnacleCart has a number of ready-made templates that will help with this step. Just select one of the designs that work for your business and modify it to match the personality of your brand. With our application, this design and setup process is as easy as pointing and clicking. Upload your products, logo, quickly connect to the payment gateway, set up shipping and – don’t forget about taxes. Once this is done, you’re ready to start selling! It’s a fairly fun process.

PinnacleCart’s is known to be one of the hassle free eCommerce services in the market. How How do you maintain your good reputation over the years? Are there any features in the near future we should watch out for?

We are a very customer-focused organization and we listen to feedback. I personally believe this is the key to our success. We regularly talk with our customers to better understand how they do business and what features and/or services will make them more successful. While most eCommerce software companies at our level have their standard, lengthy corporate procedure, it’s our belief that to be successful, we need to understand and adapt quickly to the needs of our clients.

Most entrepreneurs are worried of getting their security compromised. How do you keep dangerous people from accessing your sites? What security measures does PinnacleCart have?

We are a fully PCI compliant solution, which means PinnacleCart stores have top-rated security. We actually one up that, even, and also follow PABP practices to ensure that our software is as safepci_compliant as possible. While PABP is not a requirement for our business, we think having that extra security gives our clients peace of mind. For a business owner, sales should be the focus, not security.

On the administration side of things, we offer different levels of access into the backend, based on what role an individual plays in a business. That means the main administrator is allowed to grant or restrict login access to areas and features, based on their comfort level or the security clearance of each user.

Once again, we are honored and thankful to have you here Craig. It was a pleasure having you here. We wish you success in the near future.

Craig: Thank-you for giving me this opportunity. We believe a continuing education is very important to every business that’s selling online. The world of eCommerce is constantly evolving and changing. To succeed, it’s important to be informed. Hopefully this has been helpful.

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