Interview With Matt Banner Of OnBlastBlog.Com


You want to increase brand awareness for your startup biz…

Your world view is very important (you think) and you feel like sharing it to the world…

You’re talented and want to help others learn from your craft…

… So you’ve decided to start a blog.


But just like your endless list of priorities starting a blog is just as tedious and daunting if not done properly.

Lucky for you, we have Matt Banner, author of OnBlastBlog.Com to give you a glimpse and insights on how to start and run a blog like a pro (even when you aren’t just yet!)

Matt is one of the best blog mentors recognized by BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Forbes and other big websites.

He’s with us today to answer questions regarding blogging and how it all started.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you Matt!

First, can you give us a short overview of your company’s history and the people behind it?

I created OnBlastBlog about 5 years ago. 8,000 blogs later, the company was designed to bridge the knowledge gap between the everyday internet user and the difficulty in starting your own website. Not having technical skills shouldn’t prevent someone from having their own real estate on the internet. I’ve been involved in the digital marketing space for almost 10 years. Along the way, every mistake made and lesson learned is now shared for free on OnBlastBlog.

I’ve heard you’ve been blogging for more than a decade, that is quite a long time. Based on the numerous years you’ve been in the industry, what do you think has changed with blogging over the years?

Blogs are even easier to create these day. With new website creation features such as ‘drag and drop’ technology, making a website is a breeze now, compared to what it used to be. Promoting and marketing your own website has become more challenging over the years.

I’ve heard On Blast Blog is quite new. Can you tell us the challenges you encountered as a startup blogging company?

OnBlastBlog is fairly new but its roots have been around for 5 years. I’ve been helping people get themselves online, but finding those interested customers was a long and arduous process. Ultimately, organic search as a traffic source has really kept the water faucet on.

On Blast Blog has helped hundreds of customers grow their blogs successfully. That is quite a number considering that the company is fairly new. Can you let us on the secret behind these blogs?

The secret is simplicity. My sales funnel keeps things simple enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the potential customer.

Do you mind giving us a brief idea of what On Blast Blog has to offer?

OnBlastBlog provides a ‘digital’ coach to help you start and grow your own website. From inception to your first $1,000 month, I’m personally available to all my students by offering ‘over-the-shoulder’ guidance.

Steps to create blogThe current blogging market is very competitive. New blogging methods are showing up every now and then. If they avail of your service, what can you offer that no other blogging company cannot. Why should newbie bloggers choose you over the competition?

Personal attention. I’ve seen it all and have been through it all when it comes to the trials and tribulations of a startup business. My experiences and mistakes are invaluable to a newbie blogger.

You posted your own list of Best Blogging Sites & Platforms. Out of all those in the list, which ones are your favorites? Which ones are good for beginners?

WordPress. It’s functionality and capability to customize and integrate unlimited features makes WordPress a very powerful blogging site to use.

blogging platformYou pretty much summed up all the steps in making a great website on your blog “How to Make a Website: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide”. It seemed so in depth that you got everything covered. Other than the steps you offered on that page, what can your customers expect from your mentoring?

‘Over the shoulder’ help. I’m available by email nearly 24 hours of the day. I also have ‘office hours’ where I allow my students time during the workweek and weekend to call me personally. Connecting with my students on an intimate level can really make all the difference when it comes to blogging progress.

Many of our readers are either newbie bloggers or haven’t tried blogging yet. Do you have some tips that can help them create a good blog? Where should they start?

Make a plan. Find what you’re passionate about and then choose a topic/niche to pursue. Once you’ve found an interesting topic, start doing some searches on Google to see who ranks for the terms people would use to find information on that topic. Use these other websites as inspiration to create your own unique take on the subject. Doing research before you start blogging is critical in creating a plan that will lead to success.

Lastly, why should people consider blogging? How do you monetize OnBlastBlog.Com?

Blogging is a doorway to a healthy balance of work and life. Whatever you’re passionate about, bring it to life by inking your thoughts on permanent paper. As a result, you can even earn a decent living blogging what you’re passionate about. OnBlastBlog is monetized on selective and highly vetted affiliate recommendations.

Awesome! Thanks a lot Matt! We’re honored to have you as our guest. Best of luck to your blog and your future endeavors!

So what do you think about OnBlastBlog.Com? Let us know in the comments below.

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