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Neeraj AggarwalOnline business advertising may not be as easy as it looks. The tedious process involves a series of web designs and various site management tools. This led to the creation of various WordPress companies that caters everything we need for online site publishing.

One of these is InkThemes.

InkThemes is a premium theme shop created in 2011.

With just a few years in the field, they have worked wonders for more than 50,000 happy clients.

Today, we have Neeraj Agrawal, CEO & Founder of to tell us more:

Thank you for joining us for a little chat, Neeraj.

Companies in the WordPress industry have been springing up since 2003. With cut throat competition, how do you make sure that you are ahead of the curve?

To stay ahead of the curve, you have to wheel out traditional practices and understand the problem in the system like we did. When I thought of getting into this business I built the theme just like the others- beautifully designed, hell lots of function and features. Then I showed the theme to my friend and since he is not familiar with the system he found it difficult to use. That is when I had a moment of revelation – it’s not that easy to install a theme and create a website for non techy person. And along came the amazing concept “one click installation”.

So I come up with WordPress theme “Colorway” with one click installation concept and integrated with features that is normally required to setup a website. The theme is easy to use all you have to do is just fill the default canvas with your content and images and your website is ready. And people loved it! Well if you want to be successful, just try to solve the problem that you’re facing and the people around you.

ColorwayThat will definitely course the company through longevity.

Today, in any business enterprise, customer and technical support is critical to every client. Can you please tell us more about the channels of support and how are they available to your clients?

In previous question you have asked about how do I manage to keeping myself ahead of the curve in today’s cutthroat competition- customer support is also one of the major factors for us.
We maintain a strong customer relationship and that why our customer love us. Our customers can contact us through multiple channels like support forum, contact us form, enquiry form, they can chat with us live on our working hours and also email us directly at And we try to solve their problem as soon as possible.

Some business clients prefer the one page WordPress theme as they gear towards site simplicity but some prefer the old fashioned multipage WordPress theme. Are you able to cite major advantages and disadvantages of each theme?

Yeah! both has certain advantage and disadvantage like if we talk about one page theme it allows visitors to browse through information in a linear fashion and opposite happens in multiple page wordPress theme. In multipage WordPress theme visitors have to click and explore around page to page. One page website engage your visitors in an unique way.

One page WordPress themes are great for a website that show little bit of information but not great for blog centered website. If blog is main component of your site then multipage theme is right layout for you.

You can control the flow of information and by carefully crafting page element you can easily direct visitors towards the exact action you want them to take. And best part is you can easily manage it. But one page theme took longer time to load and also it’s hard to find the engagement point of visitors.

The immediate benefit of Multipage WordPress theme is its ability to match user intent and provide them comfortable web space. But managing multipage website is really hard.

In line with the question above, what themes are currently doing well in the market? Why do you think they appeal more to your clients?

One Page themes are going well in market. As there are trend going on, of making landing page that describe the summary of your product and services in a single page but in effective manner.

And one page themes serves great landing page website and it convert better and completely focussed on product that is being advertised.

For smaller scale business publishing, what plugins do you recommend to maximize site productivity?

Basically every plugin will assist to do something specific with your WordPress site. But there are some specific sets that everyone needs to include in their arsenal. These sets includes SEO plugin, related post plugin, cache plugin in general. But there are few important plugins that should be included but it completely depends on the businesses.

If the business is to provide services like clinic, salon etc then online booking module and lead capture module is a great way to increase your productivity as 55% of appointments book outside the business hours.

And if it’s about blogging or offer online courses then membership plugin can help them to sell their content or courses and let them make revenue out of it . And to increase website traffic social plugin is best option.

Now for larger scale business publishing that requires admin panel, what do you think are the most secured and reliable panel template?

Admin panel template completely depend on the products that business providers offers… We have designed different admin panel template taking different business needs in account like for ecommerce business I would suggest SaleJunction and if business is related with directory or classified site then GeoCraft and ClassiCraft is best.

If anyone want to create website like youtube, Video Member is the theme for them.

Video_Member_When it comes to your Bestsellers, what types of themes are getting the love out there?

As I said earlier single page website is in trend hence OnePage WordPress Theme is the one that sell out most. Free version of the theme is also available that is no less than premium themes, if anyone wish to try it they can.

But in case of single page theme ColorWay WordPress theme rock the market for us for long time.

What about themes for authors and publishers? I believe you have released a recent one. Can you tell us more?

Yes, Smart Vision WordPress theme, the theme is designed for authors, publishers, journalist, blogger, and writers. The theme has perfect layout that will help authors to present their creative work based on genre.

Writer can easily monetize their website as themes provides enough space for ad banners. Plus theme is SEO optimize that will help all the authors to easily rank their content on search engine.

Great, thanks for that Neeraj!

This has been an honor to have you with us today! Thanks again Neeraj, for granting us this interview! Our readers will find this interview handy for sure!

We wish you and the team all the best!

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