Interview With Oluniyi Ajao Of Web4Africa.Net

Due to the heavy competition between web hosting services, web hosting companies have been dropping prices recently.

But along with these price drops, some services have been suffering an obvious drop in quality, making some people frustrated about getting their money’s worth.

These web hosting companies have also added some extra gimmicks to try and topple down the opposition. This includes more discounts, freebies and affordable upgrades.

The competition is intense but Web4Africa isn’t going down from the top spot anytime soon. Web4Africa offers the cheapest prices without sacrificing quality.

But how does Web4Africa intend to keep its promise of providing great service without overspending?

We’ll be talking with Oluniyi Ajao to learn about what this top-notch Web Host has to offer.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you Oluniyi. First, we’d like to know more about Web4Africa. Can you share to us a brief overview of your company’s history and the people who made it possible.

Founded in 2002, Web4Africa is today a leading web hosting company and an ICANN Accredited Registrar with clients in over 100 countries.

We offer Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and offer over 100 country-code and generic Top-Level Domains.

The company started with just web design services in 2002 and has today evolved into a pan-African web hosting companies operating out of two data centres in Western and Southern Africa.

Web4Africa has been operational since 2002 – this guarantees your customers a company with 14 years of experience! Based on the 14 years you’ve been in the industry, what do you think has changed with webhosting over the years, and what does most of your customers expect from a web host.

A lot has changed since 2002! Moore’s Law applies here. Moore’s law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. All components of servers have increased in multiple folds. Servers today have much faster CPUs, bigger RAMs, and much bigger disks. There are 10TB Hard Disks in the market today. Even the competition has changed. There are A LOT more web hosts in the industry today, than 14 years ago. Cloud computing is more prevalent. Sub-marine fibre are way more common-place.

In essence, technology has changed the web hosting landscape drasctically. Listing the things that have changed in Internet Technology between 2002 and now would take an entire book.

Customers today expect bigger and faster web hosting plans, at lower prices without compromising on reliability and stability.

The current webhosting market is very competitive. New webhosting solutions are showing up every year. What is your edge against these competitors and why should customers choose you over the other webhosting companies?

We constantly try to stay at the very edge of innovation by investing in knowledge and applying same to our business processes. We also invest in the very best class of hardware and combine the most efficient server specifications to serve speedy webpages. We are a little obsessed with speed and so manage every aspect of our network by peering directly with ISPs and also choosing our transit providers carefully.

We also try to respond to queries as fast as possible, and offer friendly technical support to our web hosting clients.

423495_10150599413092701_1216559776_n (1)Do you mind giving us a brief idea of what Web4Africa has to offer?

Web4Africa basically offers varying class of hosting services for every market segment, including regular web hosting in Linux and Windows/ variants, VPS Hosting including OpenVZ and HVM technologies, and custom Dedicated servers from datacentres in Nigeria and South Africa.

Web4Africa is known to be one of the most affordable domain name registration services in Nigeria. On behalf of our readers, can you tell us the target market for your VPS Hosting plans and which ones are best suited for their business needs.

Our VPS Hosting plans are ideal for developers, high-traffic websites and/or medium-scale businesses/organizations. Any of the VPS plans from VPS2 to VPS5 are well-suited for business needs.

VPS_PlansWe’ve noticed that Web4Africa is offering new domain name extensions. Could you tell us how these extensions affect a website’s performance in terms of SEO and attracting customers.

I do not have evidence that they affect a website’s SEO performance in any form. The best hint is from the leading search engine Google saying they would handle all new gTLDs like regular gTLDs. The domain’s extension will not affect its SEO ranking necessarily.

gTLDs generally have been a bit slow in terms of interest and up-take, in our core market.

In your website, Web4Africa offers both Linux and Windows web hosting. Could you tell us the difference between the two platforms and which one would be better for small and big businesses.

Both are essentially the same. The major differentiating factor is that Windows Hosting supports ASP.NET and MSSQL while Linux doesn’t. Thus, Linux Hosting is extremely popular with our client-base as it is our default web hosting offer.

I would easily recommend Linux Hosting for small and big businesses due to its lower cost though I know some big businesses tend to favour Windows Hosting because of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Suppose a newbie entrepreneur decides to build his own website from scratch but has no idea where to start. What is the best advice you can offer him? Which one of your hosting plans would be a great starting point?

We generally don’t push clients to higher hosting plans. A newbie is likely to command much less traffic in the beginning and so the Mercury Hosting plan to suffice. He/she is welcome to upgrade to higher plans as traffic demands.

Hacking is an incident most business owners fear. What are the steps you have taken to prevent such events.

We have a lot of layers to protect against this. Our servers are scanned in real-time whilst files are uploaded, as well as routinely and regular. That way, we prevent any spurious files from being uploaded in the first place thus minimizing the changes of website defacements and compromise.

We also enforce a policy of requiring very strong passwords on all accounts.

Web4Africa is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting services in Nigeria. I understand that keeping your customers happy and satisfied has always been your goal. How do guys manage to manage to be the best? What’s your secret? Can someone from other parts of the world expect the same quality of service as those in Nigeria?

Ok. Nigeria only happens to be one of our markets. It is not our only market. We are African but have a global outlook.

Thus, every one patronizing our services from any where in the world can expect the best. The very best.

To be the best, we focus on meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations to the best of our ability.

This concludes our interview with Web4Africa’s Oluniyi Ajao. Hopefully we have covered everything you need to know about their services. Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions Oluniyi. We wish you good fortune in your years to come.

So what do you think guys? Do you have any comments or suggestions? Please post them below.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

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