Interview With William Piniarski of WebCS

We have never seen web hosting as it is before it bloomed into a well organized and highly important system. For over 20 years, this industry has been around the corner and many companies sprung from the knowledge of this system.

With an extensive competition for excellence, companies have adjusted to the needs of their loyal clients. With this comes the changes that the public needed.

Today, web hosting is at it’s finest and it’s only gonna get better.

There, even at the dark ages of web hosting, was WebCS. The growth of the company came along the growth of the industry.

With years of experience in the industry, WebCS vows to provide excellent web hosting services to the clients.

To know more about the company and their services, we have here with us, William Piniarski, founder of WebCS.

So let’s get started.

Thank you for this golden opportunity, William. In 1996, you and launched WebCS as a web hosting company. Can you take us back to the company’s inception?

I happened to hit the industry at the right time. In college in CT the internet was little more than a few VAX stations networked together. Email was just becoming mainstream and the coolest thing in college was being able to live chat around campus through the VAX systems. The future was infinite.

Back in 1996 you didn’t go on the internet for information, you went on phone-line based portals called BBS’s. I designed several of those networks and worked closely with the head faculty in college on Unix and Mac systems and networking.

The power of putting information and files on BBS (bulletin board) systems showed the next logical step was hosting and supporting machines that would make the complicated task of running websites and file servers easier for the masses. There were no classes in such things so I created my own curriculum from scratch. From there webcs was born.


The process surely took a lot of mulling over. Even when you are starting, the industry was a hard nut to crack. What are the keys to the company’s longevity?

Hooking up with the right industry partners and knowing when to leave partners is key. From the start, we look at datacenters, their staff and the way related companies are handled and only partnered with the people who share our quality vision.

Along the way as companies fail, you need to react quickly and have backup plans in place. Our job is to produce quality services and we expect that from all of our vendors.

As you have come a long way in the industry, what are the uphill challenges that you had to go through when you were just starting?

The largest challenge I think all hosts and server facilities face is getting their voice heard above “cut-rate” companies. There are a lot of companies that provide horrible service at a very low price. We can’t go there. The consumer needs to realize that what sounds too good to be true IS too good to be true.

It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get through that.


Now, there seems to be a stereotype in the services offered by a web hosting company and how things are done at the business level. With cut throat competition, how were you able to break free from the status quo and stand out uniquely from the pack?

Relates to my last answer a lot. You can’t fight the tide of cut-rate companies. You just have to allow them to go out of business which they always do.

To battle them you have to offer niches which they do not offer. And we do that very well.

Looking at your page, it’s interesting to see that you have many types of dedicated servers. Why do you offer so many types?

When you are working with niches you have to please a lot of people ALL OF THE TIME. And that is fine. We position our vendors and datacenters to be ready to meet the needs of customers who demand customization. Cookie-cutter solutions are not the answer.

In line with the question above, how can a S.E.O dedicated server with dedicated IP bundles be effectively utilized by small scale business owners? How is it migrated into their servers?

SEO is not a really accurate term. An SEO server really is just a server with multiple IP addresses bundled together. You can use those to raise search engine optimization, vary your global locations, and create a proxy environment.

SEO_Servers_WebCSWe see you also offer same-day servers. How important is speed in the field?

We are seeing the need for this more and more, not because people actually need servers in a number of hours, but because people expect to get them quickly. I think this comes from the fast paced life we are all leading now.

We can have a WHMcpanel server up in 2 hours, fully and properly installed with software. And there is a certain confidence from the customer perspective when he knows you can do it that fast. Because you can’t do it that fast if you aren’t an expert in the field which a team of vendors who is dedicated to working their butts off for you.

All your dedicated servers are hand selected to work well with the WHMcpanel server. Can you please tell us how this structure works and how a simple dedicated server improves functionality through the WHMcpanel server?

WHMcpanel is the industry standard for hosting and controlling multiple domain accounts. We’ve used several other platforms, and we would NEVER suggest using anything but WHMcpanel. It is stable, its designers care about the system, and they take security very seriously.

We know its going to be supported 10 years from now, but we don’t know if other platforms are going to be supported 10 days from now.

For the benefit of our dear readers, what are your channels of support and how are we able to avail them?

I would always direct people to our homepage of for the ever-changing contact channels we have open. Chances are we are in live chat waiting to hear from you, if we are not inside a server 🙂

That’s a wrap. We hope that we were able to shed light on some of your questions about WebCS.

Thank you once again, William. We wish you and the folks back at WebCS the best of luck.

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