Interview with Adam of PeoplesHost.Com

Hosting your site nowadays is a no brainer. But when faced with hosting issues that makes retaining your visitors more difficult it’s time for a change!

This is what’s running through the minds of the individuals behind PEOPLESHOST when they decided to start a separate web hosting company.

Change, they needed.

Definitely, a change that customers and the market demands!

PEOPLESHOST was made available to the public in 2015 by seasoned veterans after working for more than 10 years with some of the largest names in web hosting.

Now, with years of experience, they venture into a competitive market on their own.

The main goal? Reliability and customer satisfaction!

As we welcome PEOPLESHOST to the world of web hosting, let us hear the words directly from the mouths of their co-founders.

Thank you for granting us this interview, Adam and congratulations on your successful company launch. Can you share with us 1. Your story and how you started as a company and 2. How was it working with the big boys?

Likewise! Thank you for introducing us to your visitors as well.

PeoplesHost was founded on the premise that customer service, reliability, and satisfaction was going to be our main focal points as a web hosting provider. The idea to start PeoplesHost came to life after seeing much larger and reputable web hosts lose their reputation for service and quality along with their polished brand image after being acquired by a large conglomerate that many of us have come to know over the years. We know there is a need for quality, independent web hosts who have the knowledge and experience in the hosting industry to deliver the best value to the customer.

Working under the wings of the “big boys” gave us direct first-hand experience and a solid understanding of what individuals, business owners, and enterprise customers were truly looking for in a web host. At the same time, this experience helped open our eyes to many of the pros and cons of the industry that we hope to address as an independent web host.

With the stability of these companies in the industry, what made you decide to walk a different route?

Customers are looking for reliable hosting solutions. That’s not to say the larger, more well-known hosts aren’t good enough. They certainly are, but each of the hosts have their own drawbacks.

We understand that customers aren’t always looking for the cheapest host. We don’t market unlimited resources. The term unlimited has now been used as a marketing ploy for many years. Customers are more educated, fully aware, understand what web hosting is, and that there is no such thing as unlimited.

Businesses depend on a web host so they can focus on what matters most, their business. PeoplesHost isn’t trying to change the way hosting is offered. Instead, we’re enthusiastic to have the opportunity to offer customers a higher quality, reliable service, and overall experience. This can range from server uptime, customer support, to setting up the software, applications, and scripts, and regularly performing backups for all of our customers at no additional cost.


When you work with a company for a long period of time, many of the standards and norms are absorbed. With the names of some of these companies on your back, how can you stand out uniquely from them?

At PeoplesHost we’ve committed ourselves to support and reliability. We want to make sure our customers get the help they deserve when they need it. Additionally, being able to provide a more stable hosting environment with improved reliability by placing less customers per shared server. Lastly, we offer both Linux and Windows environments on across our shared, VPS, and Dedicated solutions.

We have invested heavily by building our network and infrastructure from the ground up. Owning 100% of our hardware gives us much more flexibility in the services we provide.

Yeah, but what are the uphill challenges you have to tackle to make it all happen?

The web hosting market is saturated. As a growing company the biggest challenge that lies ahead is making sure that while PeoplesHost continues to grow we continue to support that growth with a scalable infrastructure from both the server and staffing side.

All worked in your favor. Congratz!

Now let’s talk about your services…

The integration of Open Source forums and Content Management Systems are vital in site marketing. What set of software works with all types of site publishing?

Open Source software is great for innovation and creativity. There isn’t one software that works with all types of site publishing, however, there are many great options available for customers to choose from. For example, WordPress is an Open Source project and one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world.

PeoplesHost supports all Open Source software, applications, and scripts on both our Linux and Windows environments.

I have read a lot of excellent reviews from clients in terms of services and uptime record. What did you do differently to hold such record?

Monitor, monitor, monitor! Uptime is paramount for any web host. We monitor everything like a hawk and pro-actively scan our fleet of servers to ensure there is nothing that would threat the integrity of our infrastructure or service. Uptime for our customer’s websites is our number one priority and something we take very seriously.

Web hosting services are critical to most of your clients. With plenty of room for growth and improvements, how do you ensure the transparency of your service and operations?

We stand behind our services with honesty and full transparency. Our team is readily available through phone, live chat, tickets, and social media for any support related issues or questions that may arise.

Readers have been well informed of the advantages of SSD Hosting in terms of data recovery. This feature bundled with a daily backup system would definitely give clients a well deserved peace of mind. How are you able to effectively utilize SSD into your server?

As stated previously, we have invested heavily into building our network and infrastructure from the ground up. We backup our customer’s websites full recovery points in case anything goes wrong–daily backups for shared hosting customers and weekly backups for VPS and Dedicated customers. All of our servers are loaded with Solid State Drives (SSD) for the best speed and performance.


OpenCart eCommerce appears to be tailored fit for business start ups. Can you give us tips to maximize this feature?

OpenCart is one of many great shopping cart solutions available to business startups. If a startup business is looking to sell products online we highly recommend OpenCart as well as other viable solutions such as PrestaShop and WordPress (with WooCommerce). These three shopping carts have thriving communities behind them supporting everything from theme development, plugin/extension development, and support.

PeoplesHost offers a hosting environment that is optimized and configured specifically to support these shopping cart solutions as well as many others.

There are a whole lot of promotions for the company but of course our readers would like to know if you have discounts on any of your services if incase they choose to avail your services.

We hope your readers have enjoyed learning about PeoplesHost. Exclusively for Hosting Review Box readers we’ve created the coupon HBR30. Use this coupon during whpg for a 30% discount on shared hosting.

Well that’s an interesting view coming from you, Adam! Thank you for joining us today! Our best regards to the rest of the team back at the PEOPLESHOST!

If you have further questions to ask Adam, feel free to shoot them down below!

Well that’s an interesting view coming from you, Adam! Thank you for joining us today! Our best regards to the rest of the team back at the PEOPLESHOST!

If you have further questions to ask Adam, feel free to shoot them down below!

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