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HostingReviewBox invited TMDHosting for an interview. They are a fast growing brand gaining popularity that have some compelling hosting offerings. I met with Daisy Dodd at TMDHosting to get to know their company, team, services and culture and share all that with you today. Let’s go!

Daisy, thanks for joining me today to talk about your company and the hosting industry. TMDHosting has been in business since 2007. What made you decide to start a business in one of the most competitive industries in the world?

Hello! I am really excited to have the chance to share insights about TMDHosting with the visitors of HostingReviewBox. TMDHosting was established 9 years ago by a group of young people, enthusiastic about new technologies . At that time they were not thinking about failure or the competition. They just wanted to do what they liked and their knowledge and passion about the area was enough to create a complete internationally operating web hosting company.

TMDHosting is based in Orlando, FL, USA. What’s the tech scene like there, and why did you choose this location for your company?

Orlando is home to the second biggest university in the US – UCF, which has an excellent Engineering and Computer Science Program.

Orlando and Central Florida have multiple initiatives to help and promote tech startups.

The property prices are not outrageous like they are in the Bay Area and NY, not to mention the great weather and beaches 🙂

Following up my previous question, who is your ideal customer for each type of hosting you offer? I want to ask this for readers who are not sure which type is right for them just yet.

Our most common and cost-effective web hosting type is the Shared hosting. It is suitable for new websites and people who are starting small businesses and can fit both personal and commercial needs. For the basic price of $2.85 per month our customers get unlimited resources, a place on a SSD server,  a free domain name and backups, and many more free services and features. Our hosting plans are scalable, so the customers can easily upgrade to another hosting plan when needed.

  • Our Reseller web hosting plans are designed for people who want to run their own web hosting companies, using resources from a mother company. This type of services is also great for people who own multiple websites and could manage them from one control panel. Finally, website designers or artists may offer web hosting to add value to their services.
  • Our Dedicated hosting is suitable for big companies and websites with large volumes of traffic, custom requirements, or large customer databases. They get a whole server only for themselves and can manage it exactly the way they want. The users can send more emails and stream media. The amount of softwares that can be installed and domains that can be hosted there is unlimited.
  • Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is something in the middle between shared and dedicated hosting. It is recommended for more advanced people or users who would like to install specific software packages. This hosting type is suitable for people who have or expect more traffic on their websites. The resources on the server are strictly divided, so it looks like the customers own dedicated servers. They even get root access to the virtual servers.
  • The Cloud web hosting plans are suitable for applications which require a lot of resources, such as memory, CPU or time to run. It is also suitable for applications which require a specific server configuration or settings.  The cloud web hosting is the ideal decision for online organizations and corporations which rely on Internet communication 24/7.

All our hosting plans are fully managed, so our customers do not need to worry about managing their server, software or plugin updates.

If your readers are still hesitant which web hosting type is the right one for them, they can always consult with our sales agents, using the popup chat on our website.

It seems you have more datacenters than many of your competitors on the hosting industry. What advantage does that give to your customers?

Our company mission is to never stop optimizing and improving our hosting plans and technical infrastructure, to be able to offer the best hosting solutions to our customers.  Having data centers on three continents, combined with our CloudFlare CDN  (Content Delivery Network) and our SSD servers allows us to boost the speed of all our customers’ websites by displaying the content, based on the closest geographic location. As a result, the websites of our customers outperform in speed the websites hosted by our competitors.

When customers call support at 1-888-771-5990, do they get to speak to a support person in your office, or at least in North America? How have you managed to succeed in meeting customer support demand?

When someone calls 1-888-771-5990, they always speak with an employee of ours. With years of experience and constant evaluation, we make sure our team consist of cutting edge professionals only.

I got a great impression when I read through your Team page on your site. Can you share some of your thoughts about what your team members bring to make TMDHosting great?

The team spirit lies in the core of our company. In TMDHosting we have managed to create not only a cohesive team, but also a strong and united family. Each person in the team is passionate about what he or she does and pays attention to the smallest details, just like the founders of the company. The new people joining TMDHosting very quickly adopt this attitude and receive not only a technical training but also a training about how to follow our company’s ethics. As a result, our customers receive high quality and professional support and care.

How big is TMDHosting now? What is the size of the business (domain names hosted, datacenters owned, and anything else you feel is relevant here)

It seems that 7 is our lucky number. The company was founded in 2007, at the moment  we are about 70 people and we take care of the approximately 70 000 websites hosted. Currently, we have 5 datacenters but I am pretty sure that soon they will become 7 🙂

Can you tell me a bit more about the technology you use at TMDHosting? (datacenters, networking, hardware, etc)

We are primarily working with Intel based hardware, utilizing WD for both our spinning and solid state drives. Starting from 2015 we are deploying all our new accounts only on SSDs. You already know that we have a number of data centers on 3 continents. Our data center partner for US & EU data center partner is SingleHop and for Asia  – LeaseWeb. We have three data center locations in USA (two in Chicago, one in Phoenix), one in Europe (Amsterdam) and one in Asia (Singapore). Each of the data centers we are using features military-grade security with 24/7 human monitoring, requiring pre-authorization access, ID & fingerprint measures.What makes TMDHosting the right choice for someone? Let’s say I was comparing several hosting providers with similar pricing and similar service offerings. Why should I choose TMDHosting over anyone else?

The combination of high quality services and affordable prices is the first thing that makes us stand out of our competitors. Our basic fully managed web hosting plan is $2.85/mo and includes a free domain name, unlimited resources, 24/7 free customer support, place on a Solid State Drive, free backups, cPanel, CloudFlare CDN, Scalability. There is no other hosting company on the market which can offer you shared web hosting with so many features and extra services for that price.

Second, our top priority is to provide an outstanding customer service to our clients and we have succeeded unprecedentedly. We have the best customer service in the industry with response time below 10 minutes, which can be seen from the thousands of positive customers reviews we have over the web.

Last but not least, during the past years we have done a lot in order to improve the load time of our customers website. We have created a whole net of tools, including SSD Drives and various caching mechanisms: Facebook Flashcache, Memcached, APC, APCu and our latest innovation OptimumCache. Probably there is no other company in the industry which could offer such a diversity of caching methods.


What’s next at TMDHosting? Any projects in the works? Any new initiatives to grow the company?

This year will be very exciting for our company. During the past months we have been building a new level cloud service which will be released in a few months. Furthermore, we are on our way to establish a lot of new partnerships with open source applications in order to be able to provide our customer with even better services and offer them application specific packages. We are preferred providers in the list of official hosting partners for Boonex Dolphin. We are already renowned Drupal hosting providers. We are the exclusive SocialEngine hosting providers since 2015 and we have just become an official partner of PrestaShop. So, to all our current and prospective customers I would say, keep an eye on our website and blog to keep up with the latest news.

Do you have any special discount codes our readers might want to take advantage of if they choose to host with TMDHosting?

Yes, we offer discount codes to our customers. We are in the process of building a website where we will publish all our discount codes and our customers – new or present – will be able to check and take advantage of our latest offers. As soon as it is online you will read about it in our blog.

Daisy, thanks again for joining me today and doing this interview. I look forward to publishing our upcoming review of TMDHosting’s offerings, and wish you continued success!

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