Interview With IO Zoom Founder Kiet Duong

For today’s interview, we caught up with IO Zoom founder Kiet Duong to learn what sets them apart in an ocean of VPS hosting providers.

Kiet, thanks for joining me today to talk about your company and the hosting industry. IO Zoom is a fresh platform in a fast-evolving industry; however, you’ve been in the hosting business since 2004, making you an industry veteran by now. What made you decide to start IO Zoom?

Web hosting is my first love and back when I sold my old company, Hosting Zoom, to JaguarPC in 2008 I had a non-compete in place so I got into the restaurant business. Now that the restaurant is successful and run on its own, I decided to get back into the business.

What’s the tech scene like in Los Angeles? Why choose this location for your company?

We are located in Houston, TX but our servers are colocated in Los Angeles. From previous experience I knew that Asia was a huge market so I chose this location to start out because it’s a great location not only for the United States but for Asia with asia-optimized bandwidth. Currently more than 50% of our traffic comes from Asia so I think it was a great decision.

Who is your ideal customer? I want to ask this for readers who are not sure which type of hosting and price range is right for them just yet.

The ideal customers are web developers, server administrators, marketers, websites with medium to high traffic, and just about anyone needing more control than what they’re getting from a shared hosting account.

Is KVM VPS Hosting different from typical/regular VPS hosting?

KVM is just one type of virtualization used for VPS hosting among many others such as OpenVZ, Xen, VMware, etc. KVM gives you more freedom by allowing you to run your own Linux kernel and supports all major operating systems including Windows.

KVM virtual servers are fully isolated with independent resources which increases server stability and performance.

How have you managed to succeed in meeting customer support demand? What is your average ticket response time? What do you feel are the keys to success in providing top-notch customer support?

Customer support is one of our highest priorities so we’re always looking for ways to improve. Being proactive on the backend by constantly monitoring our servers is the first step in reducing customer support requests. We not only want to provide a response but we want to be able to resolve the issue the first time and in under 30 minutes. Another thing we’re currently focusing on is providing ways for customers to be able to help themselves. All these combined reduces support requests and keep our support top-notch.

The specs I see on your VPS offering seem a bit special. I’m curious – can you tell me a bit more about the technology you use at IO Zoom? (datacenters, networking, hardware, etc)

We built our servers with the latest technology which includes e5 processors, ddr4 ram, all hotswap SSD drives and not just SSD cache, and hardware raid 10 for extra redundancy and speed.

Our datacenter has over 100 Gbps of route optimized tier 1 bandwidth from the best providers including Comcast, nLayer, TiNet, PCCW, China Unicom, China Telecom, HE, Zayo, and HE.

You offer a 100% uptime guarantee. I have actually never seen that before. It’s even in your SLA (service level agreement), so we know you mean it. How are you able to offer such a strong promise to your customers?

Plain and simple, we’re confident about our servers and network. We picked the best server components with added layers of redundancy, and we monitor it 24/7.

Another unusual perk I see is that you offer free DDoS Protection. I’ve never seen a host offer that before. How are you able to offer it, and does that negate the need for something like CloudFlare?

We’ve partnered with a great datacenter with a great network and as a value added feature we decided to include DDoS protection free to our customers. You never know when you’ll be attacked so we protection included your VPS and websites will stay online.

Our protection covers you up to 20 Gbps and from over 95% of the most common attacks. Cloudflare is a great service and if you can afford it by all means go for it.

Many hosting companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee. However, most have hidden fees that leave the customer with only a partial refund. Is your refund 100% money back?

No hidden fees. If you’re not satisfied, get 100% of your money back. No tricks, gimmicks, or hidden terms.

You also affordable backup service for your VPS customers. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

We wanted to be able to offer our customers an affordable backup solution to go along with their VPS that starts at only $2/mo for 5 GB of backup space or $5/mo for 50 GB of backup space. The backup space is on a separate server with RAID 10 for redundancy.

What makes IO Zoom the right choice for someone? Let’s say I was comparing several hosting providers with similar pricing and similar service offerings. Why should I choose IO Zoom over anyone else?

To start, our servers run 100% SSD drives with RAID 10 which gives you more redundancy and faster speeds and we include up to 20 Gbps of DDoS protection free. We give you more flexibility by giving you more options with nothing bundled in. If you don’t need management our prices are very affordable.

If you need management and add cPanel we manage it for free. Or add $5 and we’ll manage it with no control panel. By not bundling it in, it gives you more options and is more affordable.

Do you have any special discount codes our readers might want to take advantage of if they choose to host with IO Zoom?

Use coupon code “hrb50off” and get 50% off the first month of service.

Kiet, thanks again for joining me today and doing this interview. I look forward to publishing our upcoming review of IO Zoom’s offerings, and wish you continued success!

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