Interview with Jesse Jones of Wowrack.Com

In a world full of technological advancements founded solely on rapidly changing consumer needs and demands, there is a swift growth of web hosting technologies that vies for service superiority.

With various web hosting companies competing for the top spot, what do we, as consumers really look for: Simple, Value!

Making your money’s worth without compromising quality of service – Now that is exactly what Wowrack have been promising consumers all along.

Immediate value, as per the company’s tagline, it provides immediate value on budget, performance, support and deliverability upon sign up.

Today we’ll be talking with Jesse, Marketing Manager at Wowrack.Com to know more about the company and the immediate value it promises.

Hello Jesse, thank you for granting us this interview. It is apparent that Wowrack is slowly sculpting its name to the list of top web hosting companies. I guess our readers would like to know more about the origin of the company and where it started its legacy. Can you please enlighten us with this?

Wowrack was started as a small project in the apartment of founder, Jimmy Pandra in 2014. His desire and excitement for the market quickly grew into a full time job for him as he found new partners to help him grow the business. Today, Wowrack utilizes several data centers reaching from Seattle Washington to New York, and even overseas in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 7 data centers in total now.


As one of the newest web hosting company, how are you planning to build the name of the company in line with the standard of top notch web hosting companies?

That’s a great question. Every aspect of Wowrack starts from the foundation of being the absolute best at what we do. For the last two years Wowrack has received the Inc magazine top 5000 fastest growing companies. Our growth can be directly linked to our support, and commitment to be the best. Wowrack helps companies with the technology they need to be successful, if we fail in providing that, so will they. Wowrack isn’t a perfect fit for every company, but those who want to work with us will get the absolute best we can provide.

As more and more venture into web hosting industry, what do you think is the secret sauce that sets you apart from the competition? Do you have different standards and norms executed inside and outside the company?

I think the most often lost aspect to a good company is excitement. If you look at any successful company (Google, Tesla, etc) the one thing that sticks out the most is how excited their employees are to be there. The secret sauce is creating an environment your employees want to be part in. Give them the excitement and a reason to make the company better, and your company will do well.

Communication is an important standard within Wowrack. The owner Jimmy, strongly believes in making sure each piece of the company knows what others are doing. If a new project is getting started or a problem is found that needs fixing, everyone within the company knows about it. Working together and combining ideas, things get done much faster and with less flaws. Working as a team, based off unique individual skills, combined with communication is what makes up Wowrack.

In 2014, Wowrack was named as one of the fastest growing private companies and we believe that with growth comes change. Can you share with us significant changes in your company that led to your swift development?

Difficulties with growth come from many angles for any company. From filling demand, to supporting your product, every aspect of your business has to grow with you. I believe organization has been whats allowed Wowrack to keep growing at such a high rate of speed. I suppose you could say the biggest changes have been made in internal infrastructure. Organization and Communication technologies have been continuing to grow as the company has.

As an example, it can take several weeks to get large amounts of hardware in place to support a new or fast growing service. With good organization and communication, teams can prepare for the demand before it becomes overwhelming.

In your official page, we see that you have a number of service offerings, what services do you take pride on and what can we get from them?

Wowrack takes a lot of pride in our cloud computing services. From public to private, it has been one of our strongest services. We are also very proud of our backup services which have been dramatically increased in capacity this year and is now open for self managed solutions.


Within the Wowrack cloud services, you will find a high level of availability and very little to almost no downtime which is really important for cloud customers. Our datacenters are built on extreme redundancy. Large battery clusters will sustain the hardware for many hours while a gigantic diesel engine will keep us online for days. All this to support some of the best hardware available on the market.

ColoInSeattle, a child company is a ran out of this very same datacenter. This is another service Wowrack offers and takes much pride in.

We also invite anyone interested in seeing our Seattle facility to take a tour!

There are a lot of consumers out there looking for the right company for the service that you are currently offering, what makes you a fit to individual consumer’s system?

Every situation is different from the next, and Wowrack understands this. While we work hard to provide a solution for any need, we also understand that we aren’t the right fit for every single individual. Part of our process at Wowrack when working with a new company or individual, is finding out exactly what their need is. Once we fully understand what they are looking to accomplish, we propose a solution.

While many companies follow this same procedure, I think that Wowrack takes this step a bit more seriously. Something that makes Wowrack stand out is that we actually care about providing the RIGHT solution, not just a solution that gets you in the door. Many companies have came to us with a problem, and came out understand more about their own problem than when they arrived. We not only want to know how we can provide a solution, but want to make sure the solution will allow growth and solve future problems without the need for dramatic price increases later.

We are quite curious about the term True Hybrid Hosting. What is it exactly?

This is a fun one! There are many providers out there whose business model is to get your entire system within their walls because this provides them with more revenue. When Wowrack talks about a True Hybrid Hosting solution, we absolutely mean it.

There are many companies we work with that currently have in-house IT solutions that support the majority of their needs. Where Wowrack truly becomes unique, is our willingness and ability to provide solutions that work directly with your in-house solutions.


Often costing far less than increasing the size of your IT in-house, Wowrack offers a Hyrbrid solution which allows you to expand within our facility. You can either purchase your own hardware and store it within our facilities, or your can lease hardware and use it as you please. With this method, you get access to our support staff and tech staff. With this solution, we cover the overhead of running the data center including the costs of the staff managing your solutions. So awesome!

The Internet holds the greatest threat to consumers today. How can you maintain a secured Internet Infrastructure to every consumer?

Security has been a concern from the very concept of the internet, and should always be a top priority. Wowrack takes security very seriously and employs a team of security experts to maintain and protect our data centers. From utilizing the best security hardware and software, to people actively monitoring traffic, we do everything in our power to prevent threats from being successful.

As part of the Wowrack standards, every system getting installed gets a security audit before going live. We also perform monthly security audits on our own systems looking for any access points that might have been overlooked. All while actively filtering known bad ip ranges and ports commonly used by attackers.

Successful attacks can cost large amounts of money, and can hurt our reputation. You can rest assured knowing that we are constantly on top of security.

Thank you for your insights. Lastly, do you currently have promotions or discounts on any services?

Absolutely! We really encourage your readers to take advantage of our expansion into the self managed Backup as a Service. We have expanded our managed enterprise level backup into a service for everyone. As part of our commitment to being the best, we want customers to try it for 30 days for free, and no commitment required! Your can try it out here:


There you have it folks!

We thank you for taking the time answering our questions, Jesse and we wish you and Wowrack all the success! Hopefully, this interview will help shed light on Wowrack and your services!

To our readers: further questions will be answered in the comments below!

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