INTERVIEW WITH Muayyad Shehadeh Straight From The ZOOLZ Kitchen!

The things we can do with the Internet is beyond imagination.

  • Precious moments.
  • Priceless memories.
  • Your story plastered on the World Wide Web.
  • Business solutions.
  • Archives and business back ups.
  • Your business data protected by all means.

Now, where all information are stored in a solitary server, cloud storage is insurance.

Rarely used but it’s significance is priceless. You would hope that you may never have to use it but when you do, you’d be amazed. takes a one-stop-shop for storing and protecting business data a notch higher!

Today we take a glimpse of this amazing company through Muayyad Shehadeh, CEO of Zoolz.

So let’s get started.

Thank you for this golden opportunity, Muayyad Shehadeh. Can you take us back to the time where Zoolz started as a company? What was the driving force behind the company’s inception?

The concept behind Zoolz was to create a new kind of cloud backup solution.

We’ve been in the backup industry for almost 11 years now. Our parent company started in 2005, but Zoolz wasn’t formed until 2011. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength.

In 2013, we were the first to introduce Cold Storage for home and business users in a mass scale. By 2014, the company had 1000s of business and 10,000s of home users using our Cold Storage Technology.

Last year, after consulting with our customers, we realised that traditional cloud backup wasn’t enough to store the growing amount of unstructured data. This formed the basis of Zoolz Intelligent Cloud. Fast-forward 12 months and we have an intelligent solution that can keep up with the rapid pace of the workplace.

Though the technology for cloud storage is continually growing, there seems to be a stereotype with how things are done at a business level.

How did you break free from the status quo?

It’s part of the company philosophy to be innovative and think outside the box. We may be a small team, but we are extremely agile, creative and 100% user centric. In fact, much of our features is driven by our customers. It’s the loyalty of our customers that help us push the boundaries of cloud backup. The team is always keeping a keen eye on the latest technologies and thinking of ways to implement it into our platform. It’s this forward-thinking attitude that has helped the company become an advanced technology partner with Amazon Web Services.

You’ll just released a new product, Zoolz Intelligent Cloud. How does this product differ from what’s already on the market?

Zoolz Intelligent is the evolution of cloud storage. We live in the age of instant access. Think about it, we have services like Twitter that give us breaking news, services like Netflix that give us to access thousands of movies on demand. We’ve got to a point where instant access is expected. Why should cloud storage differ? It shouldn’t. That’s why we created our new product. By utilizing the latest in A.I. technologies, we’ve created an integrated solution that can allow businesses to access their data in an intelligent way, while protecting it with military-grade encryption.

Currently, Zoolz is available to businesses. In the near future, Zoolz will be launching an edition for home users and resellers. It will include the same intelligent abilities (eDiscovery, media streaming, OCR and smart filters).

You have a number of interesting capabilities within Zoolz Intelligent Cloud. But security is a big issue for our readers and businesses. How can you ensure the safe side of things when it comes to the transfer of each file?

Zoolz is built on Amazon Web Services, and as you’re aware, Amazon is the leader in terms of backend infrastructure. Zoolz uses the latest in security protocols, ensuring all data will be transmitted over a secure connection. Any data uploaded is encrypted with AES-256 on to our servers. In addition, users can add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an option for extra security. Zoolz also prides itself on its durability. We ensure 99.9% uptime of cloud services. This means data transfers won’t be interrupted and the chances of downtime is extremely slim.

Now, I think our readers would be interested in learning about the eDiscovery feature. How does it work? How was Zoolz able to create a search engine for data?

When you upload a document, PDF, or an excel sheet, the technology will automatically extract the actual data and metadata before storing it on our elastic search engine. This allows any file to be accessed instantly.

For instance, if you search for a word like ‘Italy’, the technology will show you all the documents containing this word in a matter of seconds. Once you click onto a file, you’ll get an instant preview and a sentence preview, much like a search engine.

Our platform support 100s of file formats and extensions and file formats.

What is the benefit of Optical Character Recognition? Why is this such an important feature of Zoolz Intelligent Cloud?

Many business scan their documents. This can range from invoices to sensitive contracts. Once stored locally, finding these records can often be difficult. We wanted to change that. Our OCR software converts any scanned document into searchable data, All the text that appears within a scanned file or image is extracted and stored in our search engine. This allows any file to be discovered instantly, much like our eDiscovery feature. Incidentally, the OCR capability currently supports 22 languages, which is perfect for businesses with offices or clients abroad.

With such a complex backend, how have you managed to create such a user-friendly interface?

The user experience is vital. Software companies need an intuitive platform otherwise users will lose interest. Ever since we started, we’ve made it a point to create a platform that’s easy to use. You don’t need an IT degree to use Zoolz. We’ve done this on purpose. Credit to our in-house engineers who have worked tremendously hard over the years, ensuring we get the user experience right.

Do you have plans to release mobile apps for Zoolz Intelligent Cloud and how will this different from the web client?

Good question. Yes, we do have plans and it’s almost there! In the near future, we hope to release the Zoolz Intelligent App for business and home users.

The free app will allow users to backup data directly from their iOS or Android device. At the same time, users will be able to search for data intelligently, stream HD or WAV files without any interruptions and view documents instantly. The app will also include a social sharing feature, where users can choose any file to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. We cannot wait for it to be released. As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited.

Thank you for your insights, Muayyad Shehadeh. For our parting question, how do you see the cloud storage industry changing over the next 12 months?

Data is getting massive for businesses and home users. It’s not just about storage anymore, it’s about the ability to find any file instantly, with intelligence. This is just the beginning. As technology evolves, the better solutions will become. I’m eager to see what’s in store for the industry.

That sure nailed it! Hope you folks had a very interesting read.

And thank you for granting us this interview, Muayyad Shehadeh. Best of luck to the team back at and all the best with your future endeavors!

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