Interview with Sev Salibian, Senior Affiliate Marketing Specialist At Inmotion Hosting Services

Interview-with-Sev-Salibian--InMotion-HostingThe web hosting industry is rich in providers. You can find a whole gamut of web hosts offering their services at various price ranges online, often targeting different types of customers from basic to enterprise levels.

So yes, it is possible to get a hosting solution at an extremely cheap price, provided that you’re willing to receive a service that is very basic at best. “You get what you pay for” as the saying goes.

It always pays to invest in a high quality web host. InMotion Hosting, with its slew of awards from industry partners, promises premium hosting services at not-so premium prices. Sev is here to answer a few questions.

Let’s get started!

It’s nice of you to grant us this interview, Sev! First, a brief introduction to Inmotion Hosting is in order. Can you give us a general overview of the company and the services that it provides?

Thank you for asking me to answer your questions on InMotion Hosting! InMotion Hosting was founded 15 years ago by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson. Since then, we have been nominated as a CNET Certified Hosting Provider, recipient of the A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and we hold countless number one positions on widely used ranking websites. As a premium hosting provider, we offer shared hosting, with free SSD; VPS Hosting, which is now High Availability; Dedicated Hosting Solutions and a number of Reseller Hosting options.

Inmotion has been the recipient of many industry awards over the years. What exactly are the qualities that turned Inmotion from a fledgling web host into the multi-awarded company that it is today? Or the traits that made Inmotion stand out from the rest of the pack?

Early on, we discovered that if we reinvest in a high quality infrastructure, supported by high quality staff, our customers will be happy, which translates into positive word of mouth and repeat patronship. Our commitment to customer service has allowed us to pull to the forefront of the hosting industry, and as we continue to reinvest profits into the company to continue our technological innovation and superior customer service quality, we find that we continue to attract new (happy) customers.

Your business hosting plans might not be the cheapest on the market today, but they do offer tons of extra freebies that other hosts don’t have (e.g. free data back ups, SSD drives). Kudos on that! Thank you!! 🙂

So what are your ideal customers for each of your hosting plans? For example, we have a travel blogger just wants to post his thoughts and pictures online. What hosting plan would be perfect for him? How about for someone who wants to set up a small online shop? For a medium-sized business?

I have included a brief delineation between hosting plans and their ideal users:

  • Shared Business Hosting: This solution is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, portfolios (photography, architecture, art,..) and blog sites with a moderate amount of visitors.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): This is basically a dedicated server with a shared hosting component. The main strength of this type of hosting package is that it will allow you to seamlessly run an ecommerce website with a number of products/services that you have made available for sale. This is also a better option, if say, your travel blogger started travelling more and would like to include pages for each city, country, or even continent. The computing power and resource availability on a VPS will make this possible.
  • Dedicated Server: With this option, you have the opportunity to have an entire server for yourself. You will have full control over the server on all options, including operating system, hardware and privacy settings. This option is best for enterprise-wide hosting solutions, or if you run a high traffic site wih additional resource requirements such as multiple product listings and check out processes, heavy code based content, or any other features which require more power than a VPS.
  • Reseller Hosting: This will allow anyone to start their own hosting organization. You essentially purchase hosting resources from us, and then repackage and resell these resources to interested parties. Web developers and designers can use this option as they are building out clients’ sites.

In the case of your travel blogger, I would recommend they purchase one of our shared hosting solutions.

One great benefit of hosting your site(s) with InMotion is that you will always have the ability to upgrade  (or downgrade, if needed) from your selected hosting package should requirements change.

We’re impressed with how the websites built with InMotion Hosting’s very own BoldGrid look like. But what are the advantages of using BoldGrid over pre-built WordPress themes?

BoldGrid was developed to meet the evolving needs of the web hosting client. This tool allows everyone from new-to-web patrons to seasoned designers and coders to streamline their website development efforts. We want to empower people so that they may own a piece of the digital ecosystem. BoldGrid allows this to happen with a seamless, intuitive and accessible product. BoldGrid allows you to select from thousands of themes and edit them, seamlessly, from within the WordPress environment.

Can you tell us about the technology that InMotion Hosting uses? The company promises 99.9% network uptime and super fast transfers- what tech does the company utilize for their data centers, networking hardware, and others that make these possible?

We pride ourselves in our industry leading uptime performance. We implement a number of technology features, which include:

  • Peering partners (Corporate Colocation, Hurricane Electric, nLayer and TeliSonera)
  • 20GB of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connections
  • Carrier-grade network cores
  • Numerous layers of redundancy
  • Dedicated management to address any network incidents

In addition to the question above, we’d love it if you go a little more about the Smart Routing™ technology that your data centers use. How does it work, and how does it help make your networks more resistant to downtimes?

Our Smart Route Technology involves a specific way in which we have developed and implemented load balancing protocols – we are able to manage traffic by distributing volume across a multitude of servers to distribute the load and not overly burden one server. The Smart Routing technology ultimately results in a more seamless hosting experience.

Inmotion also claims to be the first company to offer Max Speed Zones on its About Us page. It’ll be great if you can explain what Max Speed Zones are and their role in increasing the loading speed of your clients’ emails and websites.

Most of the competition uses one data center. For the client, this means that their hosted site could be thousands of miles away from you. With InMotion Hosting, you have the power to select in which location your data center will be located. We have data centers available on the west- and east-coast. The closer your data center is to you, the faster your website will run!

From the testimonials that we’ve read, your customer support is receiving rave reviews. How do you manage to keep such a high level of engagement when your customers come from all over the world, from different timezones?  

We have four statements that embody our commitment to our customers.

  • We Care
  • We Improve
  • We Have Fun
  • We Thrill

I often times joke around telling people that we are primarily a customer service company, and a hosting company secondarily. Learning opportunities during our company’s inception taught us that we must keep customer service as a primary driver and primary differentiator. Because of this decision, we employ customer service representatives who are available 24/7/365 via chat, email or phone. They go through a rigorous training program and are selected not only on technical aptitude, but personal disposition.

customer support inmotion

Inmotion Hosting had participated in awesome socio-civic events in the past like the recent Read Across America Day. Do you have any plans on doing engagements of this sort in the future that you want the public to know about?

We feel that we are part of a community. And as a community member, we must give back to the community. This type of service work not only helps serve others, but it also creates strong bonds among our employees. We have continuous commitments to various organizations in the CA and VA area.

As a parting question, Do you have a discount code for our readers who might want to try Inmotion Hosting for their hosting needs?

Gladly! Please use the below link for 38% off all our plans – Shared Hosting starts at $4.89 with Free Domain.

Thanks for answering our questions today, Sev! We wish you and Inmotion Hosting the best of luck.

Readers, any comments or questions about Inmotion Hosting and this interview? Post them below and let’s get this conversation rolling!

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